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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website is a source of information relating to the many issues of buying French property. Have a look at the French mortgage, French insurance, legal and finance, comprehensive glossary of French property terms and/or metric converter pages for even more information. Before you contact us, make sure you have read our terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

See below a list of Q & A to some of our client's frequently asked questions. For further information on buying a French property, please contact us or take a look at our Complete Guide to Buying a Property in France.


Q. How long does it take to buy a property in France?

A. From the moment the pre-contract has been signed, it takes on average between 10 to 12 weeks for the whole purchasing process to be completed.


Q. Can you help with a French mortgage for my property in France?

A. Our chosen UK based specialist French mortgage partner constantly strive to offer a complete selection of mortgage products available throughout France for non-French and overseas residents. Apply today for a free decision in principle for a French mortgage, this is a free service with no obligation.


Q. Where can I buy Euros at the best rate?

A. We have teamed up with FCG, a competitive and reliable foreign currency exchange specialist to assist you with converting your Pounds Sterling into Euros and your international transfers. Find out how many £££'s you can save with our partners commission free currency exchange service.


Q. Is the completion or signature of the "acte authentique" for a French property set at a fixed date?

A. Not really, a target date is set in the "compromis de vente" but should not be relied on in the early stages of the process to make travel arrangements etc ... We advise our clients to wait until the process is well underway before asking to confirm that all is progressing according to plan to sign on the proposed date. The Notaires' duty is primarily to the French State, they will not hesitate to delay proceedings if any legal issues have not been adequately resolved.


Q. Is the price advertised on your website all I have to pay?

A.All the properties listed on our website include the Agents fee, they are listed at the same price they are be listed in France, we do not charge anything extra. The price does not include the notaire's fees and government taxes.


Q. Do I need a solicitor?

A. Depending on your circumstances and the type of property you wish to purchase, you may wish use solicitor in the UK, in France, perhaps both or none at all. Please register to gain access to the full Legal and Tax pages provided by a specialist UK law firm.


Q. What does the notaire actually do?

A. The notaire is appointed by the State and acts for both parties. Some of his duties include, ascertain details of title and third party rights, verify the details of any charges affecting the French property, prepare the acte definitif (final contract), witness the signing of the acte de vente, register the transfer of ownership, collect the taxes. Please register to gain access to the full Legal and Tax pages provided by a specialist UK law firm.


Q. Will the Notaire provide a translation of the contract?

A. In general this is regarded as your responsibility. We work with translating companies and can organise professional translations at competitive prices. Please contact us for a quote.


Q. How much are notaires fees? What do they include?

A. The amount quoted is a combination of the notaire's fee and taxes payable to the French state on purchase of a property. The larger part of this sum is tax. These usually amount to 6%-8% of the purchase price and are collected by the notaire. The buyer is responsible for the fees and taxes relating to the transaction.


Q. What methods of payment can we use to pay our deposit?

A. This can varie, make sure you check with us first. Generally you will need to have deposited cleared funds into the Notaires' bank account prior to signing. This can take a few days and should not be left to the last minute. We recommend using currency exchange specialists, in certain circumstances, bankers drafts can be accepted.


Q. In which country should I be organising the mortgage for my French property?

A. This depends very much on your own personal circumstances. Generally, you should be looking at borrowing in the currency and country where you receive your income.


Q. How do the French laws of succession actually work?

A. French law provides that certain heirs have automatic rights of inheritance which must be respected. Please register to gain access to the full Legal and Tax pages provided by a specialist UK law firm.


Q. What about group purchase and SCI's?

A. When buying a property in France, various options can be considered by purchasers such as an SCI for instance. A "Societé Civile Immobiliere" is a kind of partnership and can be described as a property-holding partnership which is non-trading. It has unlimited liability and is usually fiscally transparent. Please register to gain access to the full Legal and Tax pages provided by a specialist UK law firm.


Q. What information will I need to provide to purchase the house? What documents should we take with us?

A. The Notaire handling the sale of the French property will require your full names, contact details, professions, birth and marriage certificates, passport copies, details of ex-husbands and wives.


Q. Are you able to help finding holidays rentals in France?

A. Looking for a romantic cottage, a modern villa with a pool or a luxury gite? We work with a leading provider of French rental property to give you the best choice of holiday cottages, villas, gites and chateaux throughout France. Book your holiday cottage here.


Q. I need to make monthly transfers overseas to pay my mortgage and bills for my property abroad. Can you help?

A. Make sure you get the best rate for your Pounds Sterling to Euros conversion and get the best value for your money. Set up a regular overseas Euro transfer with the Overseas Regular Payment Plan and see how much you can save when you convert your Pounds to Euros.


Q. Where can I find sim cards to make cheap calls when in France with my own mobile? I would also like to receive free calls from my friends and contacts in the UK?

A. We have teamed up with gosim to provide a range of low cost solutions designed to significantly reduce the cost of staying in touch with family and friends when using your mobile phone while in France. As 1000's of property owners discover each year, the cost of using a mobile phone abroad can be over ten times the rate you would normally pay!


Q. I need to transfer my UK pension to France monthly, can you recommend a foreign currency specialist?

A. We teamed up with FCG due to the level of personal and dedicated service they provide. Whether you require a one off transaction or on an ongoing monthly basis, our currency brokers provides a one to one service enabling you to obtain the most competitive Pounds Sterling to Euros exchange rates now and for the future.


Q. I already own a holiday home in France and would like to rent it out, can you help?

A. Yes, if you already own a French holiday home and are thinking of earning money by renting it out as a holiday property simply call 0870 192 1461 giving the reference "".


Q. How do I convert meters and kilometers in yards and miles and other Imperial measures into metric?

A. Sizing the rooms of a property or working out distances in France can be a made confusing with the metric system. Use our great metric converter designed for people used to the Imperial measurements and wish to convert to the metric system, or vice versa.


Q. What is the weather like in France? Where can I find a weather forecast?

A. You can find out about the weather in France or world weather and obtain a 10 day forecast for most French towns and world cities on our weather page.


Q. How do you use my information and what is Privacy Policy?

A. The company is registered under the Data Protection Act, we will not sell, give, or lend your e-mail address to any third party company. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.



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