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Foreign Currency Exchange Service


Our partner is a reliable foreign currency exchange specialist that can assist you with converting your pounds Sterling, buying euros and business/commercial international transfers; they provide competitive fx rates at no extra cost.

Opening a currency exchange trading account is simple  with no obligation. Once your account has been approved you will enjoy:

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To find out how much money you can save with FCGs commission free pound to euro exchange service, simply fill out the form below. Your dedicated professional adviser, Mr A. Bobroff and his team will contact you personally to make sure you obtain the best rate of exchange when you buy or sell  euros, pounds, sterlings, dollar, swiss Francs etc ...

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Currency Exchange

I found that I got a much better rate on my Currency Exchange when I got it through the travel agents I booked my summer get away with. I didn`t think I would be having a holiday this year, what with the credit crunch and recession, my hours were cut at work and instead of working full time and earning a full time wage I had to do part time hours so my income took a drastic fall and I was struggling. When the business picked up I was so happy to go back to my normal working hours and it really made me realize I needed to start saving my money instead of spending every penny on clothing and shoes which I didn`t need at all. So after saving for a good few months I had the money to go on holiday, effortlessly I had saved up a good few hundred pounds, which then meant instead of buying things I didn`t need I could go on a fabulous summer holiday to a destination of my choice. I went with my partner to book the holiday and we both chose to visit Egypt, somewhere none of us had been before we were eager to try it out, plus the hotels looks amazing. We got a great deal and that allowed us to be able to bump up our Currency Exchange and really spoil ourselves when we got out there. Like I mentioned earlier the Currency Exchange rate was excellent with the travel shop we chose so we got one of the best deals around.

Euro Exchange

With my suitcase packed it was time for me to sort out my Euro Exchange, I had never been to the lovely island of Majorca before and I was really excited, being the first holiday with my partner we both just wanted to chill out, relax and spend some good quality time together. So after hearing several things from friends and family I was unsure where to get our Euro Exchange from, we thought with the credit crunch here it would be more beneficial to get our Euro Exchange out there but then we were told they have very bad rates so it`s a better idea to use a company here well known, such as a travel agents. So in a bid to get a good deal and not be ripped off we decided to have a walk around town, looking at all the different rates on offer in each bureau and travel agents, choosing the best and get out money changed that day. So after walking around we found they were all very similar, some were better then others and we did find an excellent rate in the end. Once we got to Majorca we saw for ourselves the bad rates on offer and decided to pay for any trips and excursions with my visa card.

Foreign Currency

With my summer holiday getting closer and closer excitement was building and I was beginning to sort out all the important things I would need to take with me. Two weeks in the sun is my idea of a holiday and I couldn`t wait to get my bikini on, slap that tanning oil all over and bask in it, with not a care in the world I could completely chill out and have no mither at all. There is always so much to do before you go away, just little jobs whether it is last minute shopping, arranging a baby sitter for the cat or even just watering the plants, but two weeks is a long time. Think about all the things you do in two weeks in the house. I am guessing the list is endless, mine is I know that for sure so it takes a bit of time to just prepare and make sure everything will be taken care of whilst your holidaying in which ever destination takes your fancy. One job which I always leave until last minute is getting my Foreign Currency, I`m not really one to shop around and look at the best exchange rates going on Foreign Currency these days I just take it anywhere, some times I get it at the airport but on occasions when I remember I visit the local travel agents or post office both are easy. The Foreign Currency is now available in many places, years back it was a case of having to wait but now it is as easy as the sterling to get hold of.


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