You Don't Need to Fly to Get to France

You Don't Need to Fly to Get to France

Thanks to all the Volcanic ash drama many airlines have had to deal with recently and the pending strikes of the British Airways employees, It seems many travellers are choosing to travel over land or sea. The volcanic Ash cloud caused the biggest disruption to air travel since World War Two.

The original chaos left over 100,000 Britons stranded throughout Europe and many more people have still to regain their trust in the aviation industry. It's not unusual for Gatwick, the 8th largest airport in Europe, to have over 80,000 passengers a day, but recent months have seen the airport eerily empty. Despite all the drama in the air, France is still seeing a great number of visitors thanks to the many other ways to get to the country.

The Passenger Shipping Association has reported an increase of over 300,000 extra passengers in April 2010 compared with the figures from 2009. On ferry journeys between the U.K and France, there was a huge 12.4% rise in the same time period. That's an extra 184,000 passengers taking the safer option of travelling by ferry. With Seafrance offering Dover – Calais tickets at £25 each-way, the ferry can also be the cheaper alternative.

Eurostar enjoyed a massive increase of 100,000 additional bookings on 65 extra trains during the initial airport closures and has continued to experience a much higher number of bookings compared to last year.

To be able to get from the heart of London to the heart of Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes is a massive bonus for passengers and you get to bypass all the hassle of check-in that comes with flying. There is also the option to change at Lille and get a direct train to the South of France for only £69 return.

It’s now easier than ever to get to France without having to take to the skies and with the summer sun just around the corner, what better time to take advantage of the offers Eurostar and Seafrance have to offer.