Happy New Year and Bonne Année

Happy New Year and Bonne Année

Happy New Year and Bonne Année, we hope 2018 brings you plenty of joy, good health and success.  Here at my-french-house.com we are very excited about the prospects and opportunities this new year will bring.

In the 2017, property sales were up 15% in France with more demand than listings and prices on the up ... everywhere. There are good news for property buyers (CG tax/habitation) and the general outlook for the country is very positive.

Find your ideal home this month or in february, and you could complete as early as Easter, with plenty of time to prepare for the summer! If you have any Lifestyle change plans or Project to purchase a property in France next year, we’d be delighted to talk with you about it.

If not, then keep in touch with our latest properties in the most popular areas on our award winning website. You can also easily keep in touch on social media, check us out on facebook or twitter, Linkedin or even Pinterest.

We look forward to helping you make your french lifestyle dream happen in 2018.