Bonne Année & Happy New Year 2021

Bonne Année & Happy New Year 2021

Bonne Année, and Happy New Year. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed your New Years celebrations.  A warm welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, and first for some time, we apologise for the lack of news recently, but what news were they to report?

You know the news, everybody follows the news, and many are trying to get away from them altogether. That’s why over the last year we’ve opted for sending happy news; property alerts of new properties (or price reductions) based on your criteria instead of countless emails about a deal or no deal, or to talk about the UK sterling going up and down like a yo-yo.

At the end of what has been a difficult year for all of us, this is an important time to reflect on those summer holidays and projects that have been put on the back-burner for so many reasons. You’ve finally finished the garden, the house is in mint condition, and you can’t wait to go, we hear this a lot, and feel the same.

Habemus multum, we have a deal! … it’s too early to know the ins and out of how the finer details are going to work out in real life, and there’s little doubt there will be some surprises along the way but at long last people and businesses can move on with their lives.

What we do know is that travelling to and staying in the EU is going to me more difficult for Brits from the 1st of January and that people need to start planning for their mortgages and travel insurance a lot earlier, and more seriously than even before. But that’s no different to any other non EU resident who really want to live in France, or for US citizens.

So Bienvenue to 2021, the days are slowly starting to grow longer, spring will be here in no time, and with some luck, most of us we’ll finally be able to enjoy a proper holiday and summer in the sun.
In recent weeks we have added many new properties; in south west France, in Provence, in the Alps, so keep an eye out for our latest properties and reduced prices, particularly at is seems there’s a shortage of new instructions coming to the market going into the New Year.

We understand that many people circumstances have changed, so while we patiently wait for vaccines to start being more widely administrated, why not use this time to update your criteria and share your plans with us.

I would like to sincerely Wish You and your Family a Very Happy New Year.

Best Wishes, Bonne Année, Stay Safe and Healthy.

Patrick JOSEPH
MD at