Income Tax Return Deadline Dates Published

Originally posted on & updated on 10th May, 2024

If you lived in France in 2023 and earned income or gains, including dividends from shares and investments, during that financial year, you are required to submit your annual tax return. The reporting system has been updated, and now online reporting is mandatory if your home is connected to the internet.

Who Needs to Submit French Income Tax Return?

French residents must report their worldwide income and capital gains to the French tax authorities each year via self-assessment. Non-residents are subject to French income tax on their French income and capital gains only.

Online filing is mandatory for homeowners connected to the internet and can file their tax return online. The tax liability is increased by 0.2%, with a minimum penalty of €60 euros, for those who fail to declare online without any valid reasons.

You may file your self-assessment income tax return and real estate wealth tax return online via your personal “espace particulier” on impots.gouv.

What is the Deadline Date?

The deadline to file the 2024 self-assessment tax return varies depending on whether you are filing on paper or online.

  • For paper tax returns, the filing deadline is 21 May 2024.
  • For online returns, the following deadline apply:
  • Non-residents – 23 May 2024
  • Residents of department 01 to 10 – 23 May 2024
  • Residents of departments 20 to 54 – 30 May 2024
  • Residents of departments 55 to 974/976 – 6 June 2024

If You Don’t Have Internet

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can use a paper form to submit your tax return. Paper tax returns are only available for taxpayers unable to file their tax declaration online.

Wealth Tax in France

France also taxes real estate wealth. Taxpayers are liable to real estate wealth tax if the net market value of their taxable real estate exceeds €1.3m as of 1 January. In this respect, non-French tax residents are only taxable on French properties, whilst French residents are taxable on their worldwide properties. The above filing deadlines also apply to real estate wealth tax returns.

For French Tax Advice

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