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Come Over for a Drink
I was most positively impressed by you and your French partner-agency in terms of expertise, efficiency, friendlyness and honesty.  if you are in the Dordogne one day, come over for a drink!
Your Property Buying Guide & Advice
Based on the excellent advice in your french property buying guide we came up with our search criteria and very much welcome your advice/help in our search for our dream house in France.
We Prefer Your Website to Leggett & Le Figaro….
Your website has been the best we have used and we  prefer it over Leggett and Le Figaro by far …
Neil. S
Thank You Once Again for All Your Help
The website has been very useful and the information we are receiving are suited to our needs. We are hoping that once the ban on travel is lifted we will be able to arrange a few of the properties you have sent us. Thank you once again for all your help.
Absolutely Amazed
We are absolutely amazed by your reply, so informative and helpful, no wonder you have these raving reviews. You are a tremendous help with all this information.

L & S
Very Impressed With Your Website
I am very impressed with your website because of the amount of straightforward and easily understood information given. That is the reason why I wanted to subscribe in order to arm ourselves with all the practical and legal information needed to purchase real estate in France.
Michael H.
Yours is the Best by Far
Your web site is fantastic!  I've been on several, and yours is the best by far.
Steve. E.
Keep Up The Good Work
Visiting your site is extremely motivating and helps to keep us focused on our dream of moving to France, so thanks for putting together a brilliant platform.

We have looked at several other property sites and yours is far superior, so keep up the good work and keep those properties coming!
Amanda PW
Your Website Is Very Informative
Your french property website is great, very informative, easy to navigate and looks really good visually!
That’s Why You Are Award Winning
Your website is fabulous and as a business your functionality from a user's prospective is brilliant. That’s why you are award winning!!
By Far the Most Comprehensive
I saw this property on other websites but your details are by far the most comprehensive and helpful - so if we do want to take this further it will be you that we deal through.
With Huge Gratitude
If it hadn’t been for your guidance and advice, we would have never found this wonderful property in the Charente that we now own.  Thank you so very much, Patrick, with huge gratitude.
Fiona & Craig
Fantastic, User Friendly Property Website
Fantastic, user friendly property website. We are looking for a new life in France before Christmas. I think we might be lucky with you....
Wendy. A
Your Website is Most Impressive
I’d also like to say that your website is most impressive! Definitely the best we’ve seen for finding French property that is targeting the UK buyers like us.
Carl. B
I Can Say With Hand on Heart
I can say with hand on heart that your property portfolio seems to be the most attractive for my purposes.
Phil. L
You've Done a Great Job!
Your new website is great, very easy to navigate and looks fantastic. Actually I think it is one of the nicest sites I have ever seen, you have every reason to be proud. I know how much work goes into developing / designing sites, you have done a great job!
Jayne L.
Every House is a Gem
I love your website and I find it extremely helpful in preparing me to take the plunge. Your website is filled with terrific information and I LOVE the properties - every house is a gem.

There are a few houses I have my eye on, in fact I think I am a My-French-House addict! I must look at my 'Favourite Homes' at least once a week. Keep up the terrific work, I'm a huge fan.
Jen. B
1,000 Mercis!
Very pleased with the help "my-french-house.com" gave us during the purchase of our property in France. 1,000 mercis!
A Responsive Client Service
my-french-house.com gave us that and much more without any hassle. A very user friendly website with quality properties and a responsive client service with attention to detail made it all possible.
Beyond our Expections
my-french-house.com went well beyond our expectations in assisting us to both find and purchase our property in France. We would not have been able to do it without their assistance.
Paula and Mark
We Are Delighted!
We are delighted with our new home in France and could not have achieved the purchase without Patrick and his on the ground back up in France through the local agents. Merci Patrick & Team.
Steve S
Merci Beaucoup Patrick
We are delighted with the courteous and helpful manner from Patrick of "my-french-house.com" on the purchase of our house in the Midi-Pyrenees. Merci Beaucoup Patrick.
Jennette and Mike
'We Highly Recommend Them'
Our French property purchase and move to France were made so easy with the help and assistance of my-french-house.com. They are a commited and very professional business – we highly recommend them.
Stephen and Lesley Browne – Harrogate, West Yorkshire
Thank You!

my-french-house.com provided much needed guidance through difficult legal territory and handled at-times fraught negotiating situations with extreme professionalism and sensitivity.

Sean and Caroline
Very Helpful with Insurance too
I now have my French insurance quotation and cover, thank you for your help. The agency were very helpful and the whole process was painless and very fast and the main thing is that I understand the policy!
Penny B
We Will Definitely Be Back
We really appreciate the time "my-french-house.com" have spent on us. We will definitely be back for more when we are looking for our next property in the Pyrenees in south west France.
Secured a Fantastic Rate for my Euros
Thanks to "my-french-house.com" and Adam at Foremost we were able to get a fantastic rate and top service when we needed to convert our sterlings into euros to buy our house in France.
Thank You
Thank you for introducing us to your French insurance company, the cover is very good and the yearly premium far less than other insurance companies we had quotes from.

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