French Chateau Purchase Case Study

Dordogne Chateau Vineyard Case Study

Read the case study from Sean and Caro Feely, Irish clients who bought a chateau vineyard in France:

Q - Why did you decide to move to France?
A - We have been dreaming of buying a vineyard in France for almost a decade. We started to look seriously about two years ago but never came anywhere close to buying until we got in touch with
Q - Where in the UK did you used to live?
A - We lived in Dublin in Ireland.
Q - What is it about France that you like?
A - The weather, the food, the wine, the people, the traditions, the history... I could go on...
Q - What do you and your husband do for a living?
A - We have completely changed careers. I was an IT/ finance consultant in Dublin and Sean was a financial analyst and writer. We are now viticulteurs and vignerons (wine growers and winemakers). We are on a major learning curve but we have signed up a highly-respected vineyard consultant and an excellent wine consultant to help us. We are also surrounded by very helpful neighbours. A neighbouring viticulteur even rewired our kitchen as a cadeau!
Q - Do you have children?
A - We have two daughters - Elenna and Sophia. Sophia started ecole maternelle here as soon as we arrived and she absolutely loves it. She will be talking French better than me by Christmas. We are very impressed with the school.
Q - Where is your French Property?
A - We are based on the edge of Saussignac village, 15 minutes west of Bergerac and 1 hour 15 minutes east of Bordeaux, in Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Q - Anything special about your property?
A - Chateau Haut Garrigue is a vineyard, winery and gite located in the beautiful Perigord. We have magnificent views over the Dordogne Valley and surrounding countryside. The property has 14 hectares (10 are vineyard) including a little oak forest and a large picnic field with gorgeous views. We offer direct sales and wine tasting at the property and picnic baskets for those who want to stay a while to picnic and walk on the property or beyond (we are on a GR route).
Q - How did you hear about
A - We found it on the internet in one of our many searches for properties and signed up for the newsletter. Then we saw this property in the newsletter and things moved quickly from there.
Q - What did you think to the service you received from them?
A - It was excellent. Patrick always does what he says he will do. He was very pro-active and went way beyond what we expected of him - including contacting relevant business contacts for us well after the transaction took place.
Q - How did you find the website? Easy to navigate around?
A - The website is excellent. The property portfolio and alerts are particularly good tools.
Q - Anything else you’d like to add?
A - Let me know if you want to ask anything else or follow up on a particular angle based on what I have written here. We really love our new home and region - if it wasn't for I don't think we would be here.