Information about Champagne Ardenne

Champagne Ardenne is located between the Bassin-Parisian and the Lorraine area, and is best known for its world famous bubbly, Champagne. The Marne, Aube and Meuse rivers run through the northern departments of Haute-Marne, Aube, Marne and Ardennes, which constitute this French region.

The superb rolling landscape consists of beautiful forests, wide-opened prairies and is a pure invitation to walk or cycle in the country and its regional parks. The many lakes, rivers, channels and ponds make the Champagne Ardenne region an ideal location for all fishing and water sports fans.

Try the 'fine wine tasting' experience on the Champagne route, through the glamorous vineyards and domains between Epernay and Reims, and don't forget to stock up! There are plenty of tourist attractions such as the Reims cathedral and other monuments, some of which appear on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

You may remember battlefield names such as Verdun or Sedan where some of the history of Europe and the world began. You can learn more at the World War I memorial near Verdun.

Charles De Gaulle, Jeanne d'Arc, Rimbaud and Verlaine are famous people who all originate from Champagne Ardenne. It is a fairly accessible region from England and you could find yourself driving to Paris for a romantic weekend or evening.