Telephone Numbers in France

Originally posted on & updated on 6th May, 2024

This new article is about phone numbers in France, all telephone numbers and how to use them. France uses a 10-digit system with the first two digits denoting a mobile phone, a non-geographic number or one of the five geographic areas of France for landlines.

  • 01 Paris & Île-de-France
  • 02 Northwest France
  • 03 Northeast France
  • 04 Southeast France
  • 05 Southwest France
  • 06 Mobile phone services
  • 07 Mobile phone services
  • 08 Special phone numbers including Freephone (numéro vert) and shared services
  • 09 Non-geographic number (used by Voice over IP services)

Telephone Numbers in France

This telephone numbering system is used in France, its French overseas departments and territories. All geographic numbers are dialled using the full 10-digit format, even for local and national calls.

Every country has a different country code that must be dialled before the local phone number. Without them there wouldn’t be enough numbers for everyone in the world to have a unique one. The international access code is the International Telecommunication Union’s recommended standard starting with 00. France’s international country code is +33.

Making International Phone Calls

When calling France from abroad, the leading 0 of the local number should be omitted; for example, to call a landline number in the southwest, from overseas, you would dial +33 5 and the other 8 digits. To call a landline in Paris and Ile-de-France you would dial +33 1, then the other 8 digits.

In France, people (and forms on websites) usually write telephone numbers in pairs, forming a sequence of five double-digit numbers, for example , 01 23 45 67 89. There are two main directories to look up people or businesses, les pages blanches to find the number of a private individual and les pages jaunes for products, businesses and services. We’ve launched our own business directory for expats in France, visit ALLO FRENCH.

Example to Call a Mobile in France

When calling a mobile or cell phone in France from abroad, the leading 0 of the local number should also be left. So to call a mobile phone (the French call it telephone portable) from overseas, you need to dial +33 6 and the other 8 digits.

Here’s a concrete example to call a mobile in France from overseas; if the “normal number” given is 06 12 34 56 78, fom abroad you would need to dial 00 33 6 12 34 56 78 fron a landline or a mobile. Note that if you have or use fewer numbers than shown above, you won’t be able to contact the person you are trying to reach.

About France’s Telephone History

For those interested in France’s communication system, visit wikipedia and the former France Télécoms, now Orange, your first port of call when you move to France. Checkout the history of the Minitel, a kind of internet of the future back then. The Minitel was a videotex online service accessible through telephone lines and was the world’s most successful online service prior to the World Wide Web.

Numbers in Case of an Emergency

Finally, if you have an emergency, here are the main telephone numbers to check, we hope you won’t need to. We can also provide assistance with French insurance cover or if you require to transfer currency swiftly, with excellent rates, and English speaking service.

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