France Is Best Country for Quality of Life

Originally posted on & updated on 10th February, 2024

France is widely acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, offering a much more relaxed lifestyle than any other country in the World. Life in general is much cheaper, the weather is nice and moderate, food is tastier and healthier and the health system is ranked as the Best in the World. No wonder it is the number ONE tourist destination in the world with 76 millions visitors last year, 18 more than the number two, Spain.

So it’s no wonder so many Brits decide to buy real estate in France; some people decide to retire there, others to start a new and better life with their families and others just to invest in a quality holiday property.

According to livingcost the average cost of living in France is 24% less expensive than in the United Kingdom. France ranked 29th vs 16th for the United Kingdom in the list of the most expensive countries in the world.

The average after-tax salary is enough to cover living expenses for 1.7 months in France compared to 1.6 months in the United Kingdom. Ranked 26th and 6th best countries to live in the world.

If you too think France is the country for you and your loved ones, then browse through 100’s of French properties for sale translated in English in many regions from Normandy to the Cotes d’Azur/Riviera via the Dordogne and Occitanie.

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