La Fête des Voisins is Back!

Originally posted on & updated on 4th June, 2024

The 25th season of La Fête des Voisins will start on Friday, May 31, 2024, all over France. This annual event is the perfect remedy for the current gloom and the simplest solution to rebuild social connections: get to know each other, talk, chat, exchange, and offer mutual support.

La Fête des Voisins has become a much-awaited event in France and globally, with 50 million participants. It is now the largest citizen gathering in the world, uniting almost 10 million French people, from the smallest villages to the capital, with the support of nearly 5,000 partner town halls and social landlords.

Where Did the Idea Come from?

The idea of “Immeubles en Fête” was born in 1990 when Atanase Perifan and a group of friends created the association “Paris d’Amis” in the 17th arrondissement of Paris to strengthen local ties and mobilise against isolation. The association has carried out numerous projects such as a sponsorship service for neighbours in difficulty, Christmas parties for lonely people, a service for people with reduced mobility, another for job search, and home daycare centres…

Organise your own Fête des Voisins

To organise and make your Fête des Voisins a success, follow these tips:

Use The Communication Kit

You can get posters, invitations, and flyers for your Fête from your town hall, social landlord, or a partner association. You can display them in your building’s lobby, elevators, or in your neighbourhood, streets, or hamlets. If you prefer, you can also download them from and personalise them with the time and place of the party. Once you have them, distribute them in your neighbours’ mailboxes and invite them to the event!

Talk to Neighbours, Caretakers and Councils

The most effective way to encourage people to attend your Fête des Voisins event is to spread the word about it and involve your neighbours in the planning process. Share tasks, exchange ideas, and discuss together. Prioritise consultation and collaborative preparation.

Find the Right Place for the Party

It’s best to hold your party in the shared areas of your building, such as the courtyard, hall, porch, garden, or any other communal space. If there’s no available space within your building, you can arrange it outside on the sidewalk or the street. However, you’ll need to seek permission from the town hall or the social landlord first. Also, ensure you have a decent backup plan in case of bad weather or an impromptu storm.

Buffet, Drinks and Food

Think about the equipment to install the buffet (trestles, boards, tables), and the seats, especially for the elderly. Town halls and social landlords may be happy to lend equipment (marquees, BBQs, etc.), so get your network working. Plan for drinks and snacks: aperitif cakes, raw vegetables, charcuterie, appetisers, etc. The best and easiest way is for everyone to contribute to the buffet: exotic and regional specialities and family recipes, just bring something to the party.

Don’t Forget the Kids!

Children always want to participate; it’s their party, too. Don’t forget them in the organisation, why not involve them in the preparation? They might surprise you. Don’t hesitate to plan candies, balloons, games and animations. For a successful event, visit the webpage with a full list and tips.

NEW in 2024 - “L’Heure Civique”

Launched by Atanase Périfan, the visionary behind the successful community event La Fête des Voisins, L’Heure Civique is an inspiring initiative to promote a culture of civic engagement and solidarity among residents. The concept is simple: each resident is encouraged to commit an hour of their time every month towards a civic or solidarity action.  The goal is to create a strong sense of community and encourage all forms of goodwill.

With l’Heure Civique, you are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful actions that benefit society and make a positive impact on those around you. This initiative is a powerful reminder of the importance of active citizenship and the role we can all play in building a better future.

Today, the organisers emphasise that they want to make La Fête des Voisins the starting point for a new solidarity dynamic.

Keep the Neighbourly Fun Going!

As the Fête des Voisins event draws to a close and you get to know your nearby families, it’s a great opportunity to continue the neighbourly fun. Fortunately, there are many ways to do so, and here are a few suggestions to keep the dynamic going all summer.

Fete de la Musique 21st June

The first event is the Fête de la Musique (Music Day) on June 21st, celebrated across France and the world. This is the perfect moment to gather with your neighbours and enjoy live music in your barn, karaoke in a pub, or at a local venue. On this day, you can play as much music as you want and (almost) as loud as you want!

Improvised Summer BBQ Parties

As the summer months approach, why not take advantage of the warm weather and arrange a spontaneous BBQ party in your garden or a nearby field? This can be a simple and enjoyable way to continue fostering connections with your neighbours. To get started, just knock on your neighbour’s door, discuss a convenient date around an impromptu coffee or apéro, and ask for local recommendations for quality meat, fresh vegetables, and a good wine selection. It’s that easy to create a fun and inclusive event for everyone in the community.

Get Competitive for the Olympics

With the Olympic and Paralympics Games on the horizon, why not channel the sporting spirit by organising friendly competitions in your neighbourhood? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just enjoy a bit of friendly competition, there’s something for everyone. From mini football or ping-pong tournaments to relay races and breakdance-offs. Don’t hesitate to mix it with more traditional outdoor games like the egg and spoon race or an old-fashioned sack race (course en sac). These events are a great way to have fun, get active, and strengthen the bonds within our community.

Moreover, it’s an easy way to keep fit while building excitement for the Olympic games in Paris from July 26th, followed shortly afterwards by the Paralympics at the end of August (28 August to 8 September). See our blog post about the iconic Games returning to Paris, learn about Pierre de Coubertin’s legacy, the newly introduced sports or how to follow the Flame.

So keep the neighbourly fun going and continue building stronger, more connected communities! And if you can share a couple of hours a month, consider l’Heure Civique. It’s a fantastic way to get involved and help the community while improving language skills and making new friends when you are new to living in France or have recently moved.

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