Viewing Properties in France - Advice and Tips

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Like many happy owners of property in France, you and your family could very soon be living the relaxed lifestyle you dream of in your French house, as well as securing a sound investment for your future. The following tips when viewing properties in France are designed to help achieve your final goal. But let's from the beginning, which is embarking on a view trip after you've identified your preferred region, made a list of your criteria and selected properties that you would like to visit.

Guide to Viewing Properties in France

The rules of house hunting and visiting properties in France are pretty much the same as the ones in the UK or any other country. There is no reason why you shouldn’t behave in a similar manner with the agent and the vendor as you would do when visiting a property at home.

It is important that you observe the basic etiquette when visiting, as this will establish the basis of a harmonious relationship with the potential vendor and the agent, optimising your chances of finding your dream home and completing a successful purchase. In fact, you will probably be surprised by the warm reception you will receive by the owners.

Advice & Tips for Property Visits

Look out for the same things and ask the same questions as you would at home, for example “What are local schools like? What public transport is there and how often does it run? What is the weather like at other times of the year? What local shops and amenities are there? What are the rules and rates on local property tax and other taxes?”

Ensure you allow sufficient time for travel and be on time for your appointments. If for any reason you are running late or are unable to attend, please contact our agent or us immediately. Although we appreciate some of you may be embarking upon an eye-opening experience, please show due consideration and respect for others’ time by keeping to your appointments. If for any reason you feel you have been misled or you have misjudged the property you are visiting, tell our agent or contact us immediately. We will then try our best to readjust and reschedule accordingly, so kindly help us to help you.

Estate Agents Rules & Etiquette

Prior to the visit, our agent may ask you to sign a “bon de visite” according to French Property Regulations which all registered agents are obliged to comply with. This is to confirm you have visited a property with that agent on that day. The law stipulates that you cannot view and even less purchase the same property with another estate agent.

If for any reason you were offered to view a property you have already visited with another agency, you should politely decline and if you wish to arrange a second viewing, simply contact us or the agent to organise. In case of a dispute between two agencies, the agent with the earliest “bon de visite” would be attributed the sale of the property.

Don't Miss Out, Take Action

At the end of a visit or your viewing trip and before leaving, you may want to secure the property of your dreams by putting in an offer. We encourage you do this, especially if you believe it is just the right place for you. We say “get in there before someone else does.” To make an offer on your ideal French house, contact us in the first instance, start securing your deposit money and then inform the agent as soon as possible. Take a look at our buying guide online and register today to start the search for your dream home and lifestyle in France.

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