It's Part Time in Glamourous Cannes & Monaco

It's Part Time in Glamourous Cannes & Monaco

It's very busy right now on the French Riviera with the Worlds' most famous Film Festival just starting while the world's most famous street race, the Monaco Grand Prix, will be taking place only a few miles down the road, starting tomorrow.

The Cannes Film Festival

The 63rd Edition of the Cannes Film Festival starts today, 12th May, opening with Ridley Scott's Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.

This years' President of the Jury for the world's most famous Festival will be Tim Burton. The choice of Tim Burton should perfectly suit this ten-day event, where as everyone knows, anything can happen...

Monaco Formula One Grand Prix 2010

The Monaco Grand Prix is by far the MOST glamorous and exciting Formula One Race in the World. First started in 1929, this years' 68th Edition of the Monaco Grand Prix will take place from Thursday 13th May to Sunday 16th May 2010.

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place on a narrow course in the streets of Monaco, with several elevation changes, tight corners and a tunnel, making it one of the most challenging tracks of the season. Even though the average speeds are quite low compared to traditional racing tracks, the Monaco circuit remains a dangerous place to race.

In Monaco, most people will agree it's all about qualifying in pole position. With little overtaking opportunities, the pole sitter, providing he can avoid crashing into some the tricky corners and barriers, is very likely to finish as the race winner. Experience plays a massive part as well, Webber to win again?