The Enduring Appeal of Normandy

The Enduring Appeal of Normandy

Normandy has always enjoyed a special place in the hearts of British holidaymakers and ex pats and the reasons for its popularity go far beyond its accessibility. For many cross-Channel travellers this is their first experience of France and their initial impressions are often of a place where time seems to have stood still. The wide open spaces, acres of apple orchards and golden stretches of dune-lined sandy beaches remind them of England in days gone by before life became a hectic scramble between the office, congested roads and home.

Much of the region’s history echoes that of Britain and visitors to the World Heritage Site of Mont Saint Michel will be reminded of the Cornish St Michael’s Mount or Holy Island in Northumberland. In fact, the shared history of World War Two brings many visitors to these shores to explore the D Day Landing Beaches and other wartime battle sites.

However, for most people it is the food and the lifestyle that characterise Normandy and give it an enduring appeal that brings visitors back here again and again – and often for good. Motorists visiting France for the first time will be relieved to find that although they have to drive on a different side of the road, the country lanes and even the major routes are rarely busy. In fact, more often than not you can drive for many miles without passing a single car. Travelling between towns and villages is laid back and stress-free and it isn’t long before the relaxed French way of life seeps through your skin.

The only difficulty anyone coming to Normandy is likely to have is choosing which of the wonderful local dishes to enjoy for dinner. The extensive coastline makes seafood a big favourite on the menu wherever you go and moules (mussels) are a must. This is also a region famous for its apple growing and this influences both food and drink. Whatever you have to eat, make sure you sample some of the local cider and Calvados with your meal. Finish with a platter of local cheeses and don’t forget to stock up the car with supplies before taking the ferry home – that’s if you decide to leave of course!  We have many delighful and competively priced properties for sale in Normandy.

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