What Makes the French Lifestyle so Appealing?

What Makes the French Lifestyle so Appealing?

At My-French-house.com we don’t need persuading about the benefits of French living but we’re always intrigued to know what has inspired our clients to look for their own dream home in France.

Lifestyle is one of the top reasons people give for moving or having a holiday retreat across the Channel but just what is it about the French way of life that makes it so desirable?


From the way they eat to the way they dress, everything about the French seems effortless. The pure pleasure of a fresh daily baguette with soft, oozing cheese is something that never seems to be taken for granted and is always savoured and enjoyed.


One of the first impressions Brits have when they arrive in France is that there is so much space. The roads are largely empty and there are fields stretching on all sides for as far as the eye can see. Rolling countryside and the promise of the wide open road will keep them coming back, time and again.

Gentle Pace

Life in the UK is hectic. We pack so much into our days and often forget to allow extra time for waiting in queues or standing in stationery traffic, leaving us stressed and bad-tempered. The French are blessed with a gentler pace of life and a more leisurely existence. Life is lived more locally, commuting isn’t so much the norm and the picturesque rural landscape demands that those who pass through it take their time.

The Art of Conversation

Mealtimes are when the whole family comes together and shares the highs and lows of their day. The food is enjoyed and everyone around the table engages with one another as they eat. This is a social activity far more than it is a nutritional necessity and that differing emphasis makes a huge difference to the atmosphere at the dinner table.

Joie de Vivre

A love of life means the French enjoy even everyday pastimes. Whether it’s wandering between the village boulangerie and charcuterie, basket in hand, or sitting in a pavement café enjoying an espresso there is always a feeling of unhurried pleasure and a sense that they are living in the moment.

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