Tips for retiring to France - Part 2

Tips for retiring to France - Part 2

Top tips for retirees moving to France – Part 2

Hello again and welcome to Part 2 of our Top Tips for retirees moving to France series of articles. We're following on from Part 1 article published a few weeks ago which is all about things that you can do to make your transition to your new life in France as easy and stress free as possible.

In this article, we’re going to focus on three main areas and they are:

• Getting your financial ducks in a row. • Being really open with your friends and family. • Remembering that you’re only ever a matter of hours away.

Here are our next Three Top Tips you should consider doing before leaving the UK for good:

1 - Get your financial ducks in a row. The chances are, if you’re moving to France lock stock and barrel to retire, that you’re going to be in receipt of a UK-based pension, which you’ll need to convert and transfer to France on a regular basis. It’s also highly likely that you’ll have a lump sum of capital that you’re either planning to invest in your new home or that is going to act as your ‘rainy day’ fund.

If you’re using your capital to fund your new home, then there’s no doubt that you’ll need to convert your sterling to euro and have the resulting balance transferred to a bank account in France so you can make the payment on the required date. If however you’re only making a small contribution to the cost of your new home from your sterling capital, you may want to leave some money in the UK so you can speculate on exchange rates or have it in the country when you make trips back.

Either way, making sure you get a good deal on your currency exchange, both at the start and on an ongoing basis is an essential part of getting your financial ducks in a row. We understand this fully at, which is why we’ve worked our socks off to get a great currency exchange deal that we can offer our clients. This highly personalised service will allow you to transfer money from the UK to France with no fees and no commissions being applied. This service truly is the way to have peace of mind when it comes to your finances and saving serious cash in these troubled times.

2 - Be really open with your friends and family. One of the big things movers often report is missing their friends and family, especially at the start of their new lives in France. It is for this reason that we recommend being really open and up front with your friends and family before you leave.

Quite often when you make big decisions in your life, like moving to another country for your retirement, friends and family just ‘don’t get it’. If this doesn’t bother you, then that’s fine, but if you are keen to leave with all your emotional ducks neatly in a row, it often pays off to be brutally honest with your friends and family. Occasionally taking such moves as some form of rejection, you could find that your entourage take umbrage at your decision, but don’t necessarily voice their concerns. This is particularly common in situations where peoples’ decisions to move appear to come ‘out of the blue’.

You can avoid the knock on effect of this situation by being really frank and open with your friends and family about why you’ve decided to make such a big move. While you don’t necessarily need to open up your heart to all and sundry, explaining where the logic has come from will help people who are close to you understand and accept your decision.

3 - Remember that you’re only every a matter of hours away. Although France is a big country, it’s well covered by a whole host of transport options. Cheap flight solutions might come and go, but the core air and train system in France is really efficient and affordable, particularly if you book in advance.

Working out what your travel options are before deciding where you want to buy your new home is a sensible idea and not being overly reliant on the cheap airlines is always a prudent strategy. Either way, even if you have to take to the wheel and cross the Channel in an emergency, you’re only ever a matter of hours away from your loved ones while you’re living your dream.

If you would like to discuss your project to move to retire in France, why not get in touch? We’re here to help you make sure that your property purchase and move go as smooth as possible. If you are planning a trip to view houses, then take a look at our Complete Guide to Buying your Dream Property.