An Englishman's Home is his Chateau

Originally posted on & updated on 10th February, 2024

Not that customary in other countries, châteaux are relatively easy to find in France. If you have a generous budget and you are perhaps seeking some sort of project, a château could be just what you’re looking for…

A château is a place to escape, lay back and enjoy the peaceful way of life of the French countryside while creating a lasting legacy for the entire family. International celebrities, successful businessmen and European aristocrats have all been drawn to what are perhaps France’s most beautiful homes.

Many buyers turn to French châteaux because they like places that have character, and that keep alive the history of great families and famous people. Others opt for the lavish architecture. Some buyers like the fairy tale châteaux with small towers, dating from the Renaissance of the 16th century or the neo- Renaissance of the 19th, but the traditionalists generally prefer the 17th and 18th centuries, which bring unique period features and harmony.

The grounds of a chateau often boast interesting features such as chapels, gate houses, gites, stables and sometimes even a lake for a superb view over your own grounds. French chateaux offer the rare ability to look out from your window and survey no land other than your own.

Both transport links and the number, quality and periods of châteaux for sale vary from place to place. The main regions for châteaux are the Loire, the South-West, Normandy and Burgundy.

Tips to Find the Perfect Château

Choose your château very carefully: If you don’t, living there can sometimes be a gloomy experience. Check the outbuildings: Some are in a terrible state and you then end up with a beautiful château that has dilapidated buildings near it.

Châteaux can make profitable businesses so consider your options. Châteaux with adequate grounds are often sought after for sporting businesses, such as fishing and equestrian schools, hunting, walking and wildlife grounds, as well as many other outdoor activities.

Castles are also great venues for weddings and other functions, and make not only a spectacular setting for a restaurant, but desirable and luxurious hotels which attract affluent visitors.

Whether you are choosing a château for permanent residence or for business, we have many chateaux in the most popular areas.

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