How to have French style no matter where you live

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There’s so much to love about France, the weather, the people, the food but what about their style? A touch of French country style can transform any space to make your home have that Provencal charm or help complement your home in France with its surroundings. At My French House we have a large selection of character French homes for sale; some that are ready for you to move straight in and others that require a full renovation. French style interiors are a timeless classic helping your home to achieve a relaxed, elegant and rustic feel that appears effortless yet emphasises comfort. We invite you to be inspired by the French landscape as you add some French country charm to your home.

Whether you prefer rustic, contemporary or traditional, you can include elements of typical French style to any kitchen. Embrace the natural sunlight and allow it flow through your kitchen, opening up your space and bringing the smells from outside into your home. Drenched in sunlight and filled with vintage accessories the ‘country’ look evokes a familiar friendly feeling that is cosy yet eye-catching. If you live in Provence or Penzance you can still transform your kitchen using colours taken from a traditional Provencal landscape, pale colours can adorn your walls and cabinets whilst the rest of your kitchen’s palette embraces soft earthy tones. You may also incorporate the natural materials in and around your home, in a traditional farmhouse you might see exposed stone, brick and wood and let’s not forget a kitchen island. If you’re lucky enough to have the space we encourage you to cook, eat and entertain your friends and family gathered around this essential kitchen addition.

When you think of French interiors what word immediately comes to mind? How about, simple luxury? French interiors are often formal however newly renovated homes have opted for a modern twist in layout and décor yet still showing flashes of traditional stone and wooden beams. Open plan spaces are cool, clean and crisp mixing traditional lines with a refreshing take on classic French design.

Once again daylight is used to enhance the details that have been beautifully crafted throughout your home. Large windows, fireplaces and even larger chandeliers should adorn your living space, your slice of France will be infused with romance and authentic features true to any traditional French home, as well as bringing out your own personal style. In the UK or the US you wouldn’t purposely expose bare brick walls or uneven stone surfaces however in France these characteristics are made into a feature, giving your home a surprising wow factor.

Imperfections can be celebrated in your French home, fraying book covers, chipped furniture and wrinkled fabrics are welcomed here. And finally, no living room is complete without a bunch of perfectly placed fresh flowers, capturing the true spirit of the picturesque French lifestyle.

What’s the point of living in France if you can’t enjoy some al fresco dining? Although the term itself is Italian we all love those few days a year when you can enjoy your lunch or even evening dinner outside. Well in France this casual style of dining can be enjoyed throughout the year but only if your outdoor space allows for it. We have properties that boast views of the beautiful French countryside and many could benefit from a small transformation to incorporate an area for a spot of lunch.

You may also find homes that are already suited to flaunting the breath-taking views over your morning coffee. ‘Bistrot’ chairs, hand-picked flowers and a cold glass of wine all adds to the idyllic scene that could be your daily routine in France. Typical French style is filled with calming colours and soft features but once you step outside you can let your colour palette blossom, dining accessories can complement the colours from your garden or even be inspired by the blue skies that look over your home. Have some fun and enjoy some al fresco dining with a dash of French panache!

There is no better French style that one of a traditional home found in France; weekend retreats, holiday homes or places to retire, one thing for sure is that your new French home will be everything you expect. Our French style tips allow you to enhance any home but see for yourself properties that are waiting for you to renovate or others that just need your finishing touch. If we have inspired you to find your dream home or project to renovate, take a look around our properties for sale all over France.

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