How France adds a little Luxury to Life

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France is renowned for being luxurious from designer brands to glamorous coastlines but beyond the famous landmarks, breath-taking scenery, and mouth-watering cuisine lies a land where you can experience the most luxurious lifestyle every day.

‘Luxury’ is described as a state of great comfort or elegance and there aren’t many places in the world that can offer this style of living without the expected price tag that often comes with it. France is the most visited country in the world and with many people then choosing to also make it its home we think that its notorious lifestyle might have something to do with it! Beautiful summers and snow-peaked Alps are a reminder of France’s diverse climate as well as the fusion of landscapes, culture, and charm that each different region possesses. We take a look at just some of the luxury qualities that France has to offer.

We have previously shared with you our love for the names that the French give their homes, straight away you can’t help but feel that a Charentaise or French Maison de Maitre (also called Belles Demeures) just sounds somehow better than a ‘semi-detached’ house! But what makes a property luxurious? As you search through our properties for sale in France you will notice that although they vary in price their description of additional information may include many of the same features. Properties in France often include swimming pools, paddocks or large gardens that stretch out into the countryside, these types of luxuries are not seen in a typical British home yet here luxury seems to come as standard. Coastal homes might boast panoramic sea views, countryside houses with outbuildings or gites and city pads in Paris surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the trendy capitals. Forget off-street parking and attic conversions for the ultimate in a luxurious lifestyle you can have landscaped gardens, heated pools and guest cottages.

Alongside all of our properties, you will find the region and names of nearby towns if you take a closer look you will discover the local amenities of towns and villages in your vicinity. Idyllic rural locations enjoy short drives to neighbouring quaint hamlets, popular market towns or busy cities where you will find a plethora of shops, restaurants and schools for you and your family. For a touch of luxury, it’s not uncommon to find that the local butcher comes to your house or the Sunday market sells the freshest produce that is also part of the menu in your favourite restaurant. Your home in France can offer you the best of everything on your doorstep all the while in France’s famous Mediterranean climate.

Throughout France, you are invited to enjoy a selection of amazing activities and experiences that not only add some luxury to your day out but are unique to France. Some of our favourites are hot air balloons over the glorious countryside, sampling the world’s best caviar and searching for France’s exclusive truffles in the park of one of those historic French Chateaux. Due to France’s popular coastlines, you can indulge in luxury along the endless miles of sandy beaches and famous seaside resorts. Boat trips, water activities, relaxing walks and lavish shopping trips can be a short drive away or an excuse for a weekend retreat.

Of course, we can’t talk about a luxurious lifestyle without mentioning France’s famous wines and champagnes. There are hundreds of wine tours spread across France, the south is specifically known for being home to the world’s best vintages and generally, the tasting experiences available are best that you’ll find. In addition to this, you can sample a different bottle of France’s best wines but simply popping to your local store!

Take a look at our classic properties and luxury villas and get in touch to discuss your plans, what are you looking for?

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