Struggling to Find the Perfect Home in France?

Originally posted on & updated on 11th January, 2024

One of our team members recently recalled a regular conversation she had with her parents about the opportunity for them to retire to France. She explained that her Mum is nearing retirement age and although she holidays in France every year she always makes excuses when the conversation turns to them making France their permanent home. We appreciate that finances and family can often have a large influence over such a decision but with Vicky’s mum, this isn’t the case.

Finding the Perfect Home

With facetime, skype and cheap flights readily available her issues aren’t what you might expect, her reservations are more focused on the buying process which led us to thinking, who else is having these unnecessary worries? We spoke with several potential, current and past clients to quiz them about these preventable apprehensions and get them out in the open …


Don’t speak fluent French? It’s, ok you don’t have to. All of our team in the UK and partners in France speak fluent English. From your first point of contact, Patrick and the team are on hand to discuss certain properties or your personal circumstances. This continues through to your viewings, offers and completion of sale. We understand that not understanding the language can be daunting which is why we believe that clear translation should be give to your throughout the whole buying process and why we offer such a personalised serviced.

Personal Service

From our award winning website, you will see that you can be quite specific with your search requirements however, there’s more to finding your dream home than just ticking a few boxes. We spend time understanding your needs to allow us to help you with your search. As experts, we offer knowledge and experience of the possibilities for your life in France to allow you to realise the potential homes that you might have overlooked or missed by your search criteria.

Estate Agents in France

Our team covers the most popular area of to France. Your viewings will be accompanied by our real estate agents in France who are also on hand to answer your questions or give you advice about your impending decision. We also work with experts in currency exchange, French mortgages, notaires, insurance specialists for expats and UK based solicitors.

Find the Perfect Home

Although our team will give you advice about your property search, once you book your trip to view your chosen properties your viewings will be based on your requirements and requests. You will not be asked or invited to view properties that you have not requested or ones that do not suit your requirements. Property viewing can be exciting but also expensive, we will ensure that your time is organised effectively and efficiently. We also offer a fully personalised bespoke hunting service in the main cities of France.

Realistic Viewings

Obviously you will want to make the most of your time in France as you view your chosen properties however we will always be realistic with your schedule. We believe that you should experience the character of each home and take in the surrounding area. You are buying into a lifestyle, a community and an area, therefore it essential you have time to get a flavour of what each property brings before moving on to the next.

All About Relationships

We like to consider ourselves a sort of family who live and work throughout the UK and across France.  It’s our established and respected relationships that enable us to offer properties valued at the right price, honest advice and efficient buying process for each and every client.

The Home Buying Process

If you find yourself still a little uneasy about making such a big step we are here to educate you about the complete process of buying a property in France. You are not expected to know everything, our team are your helping hand and any initial apprehensions and concerns are resolved.

“All other agents lost interest when I told them that I would be coming to France to view in late August or September. Your email has answered many of my questions and many I had not even thought of asking. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. Merci, a tres bientot.” Brett Nelson

Hopefully we have covered your concerns and that niggle that has been preventing you from starting your search. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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