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Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was almost a month ago and although there has been a massive uproar amongst its politicians and public the outcome remains the same, but what does this mean for those of you who wish to still be a part of the EU? The answer can be found in our closest European neighbour, France; the largest country in the EU. As well as being the most visited country in the world, France has also welcomed approximately 171,000 Britons to its shores, who now enjoy an envious French lifestyle and you could be next! Making that move to France has endless advantages; being a part of the EU being just one significant benefit. You should also consider some of the other rewards that are waiting for you across the channel.

Beautiful Weather & Climate

The British weather is notorious for being dull and dreary and although during the summertime you are treated to the odd ‘heatwave’ these hot spots are few and far between. As a popular year-round destination, France boasts mild winters and hot summers. You can expect an oceanic, continental and Mediterranean climate depending where you choose to spend your time, enjoy summers in the south and winters in the mountains, France really has it all. It’s not surprising that many French locals holiday within France.

Beautiful Landscapes

France has been described as “the whole of Europe in one country” from the coastlines to the mountains and everything in between! Due to its size and history, there are many parts of the stunning French countryside that have remained almost unchanged and unlike the UK France’s landscapes are varied offering 15,000 feet high mountains down to the vineyards and on to the French Riviera. These highlights attract thousands of tourists every year yet only when you live in France and you truly experience the wealth of these diverse yet striking backdrops.

Beautiful French Cuisine

The Brits might serve the best Fish and Chips but unfortunately it can’t quite compare to France’s delicacies. In 2010 UNESCO recognised France’s gastronomy as “intangible cultural heritage”, confirming its impressive reputation of French cuisine. Alongside their pastries, cheese and traditional French dishes is of course, a glass of wine straight from the notable vineyards scattered throughout France. France’s history of wine is unrivalled in fact many tourists visit the wine regions to experience their favourite tipple in its natural surroundings.

Beautiful Relaxed Lifestyle

France is renowned for its slower pace of life, leave behind the stress and chaos of the UK and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious lifestyle. In addition to ample coffee breaks the locals also partake in long lunches where you can consume your favourite French treats long into the afternoon. However daunting it might be to actually ‘relax’ we’re sure you’ll adjust to this way of life in no time, you’re also sure to enjoy the vacation time as France has one of the highest number of paid vacation days. Fewer working hours, cheap transport and low taxes are just a few more pleasures that France has to offer.

Beautiful Character Houses

Expats are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a house in France, you could swap your UK semi for a traditional Maison de Maitre or elegant country house full of character and French ouh-la-la! Many homes also come with business opportunities such as B&B’s, gites and holiday rentals. The differences between your house in the UK and home in France are endless, as well as villages, towns and cities you can also live in quaint hamlets or set in a wooded forest or rolling countryside. And obviously, another advantage that many French houses include is of course, a swimming pool, something we’ve all dreamt of!

Visit the Beautiful EU Neighbours

Whilst holidaying or living in France you have the opportunity to visit any of its neighbouring countries, including, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and Spain. You and your family can discover new cultures just a drive or short plane ride away as well as the many small islands that are found off the shores of France.


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