Why France is Attracting American Buyers from the USA

Originally posted on & updated on 28th November, 2023

Would you be surprised to know that over 100,000 American’s currently live in France? We often talk about moving from the UK but we forget about France’s special friendship with our neighbours across the pond. There are many reasons to invest in France but what is it that is attracting American’s in particular to the world’s largest tourist destination?

Business in France & Europe

France is at the heart of the world’s largest market and provides over 65 million consumers alone, making it the 2nd largest in Europe. Your business is not only exposed to this impressive economy but also an effective and high-level transportations made up of Europe’s largest road network and high-speed rail network. If you’re moving your family and business together you should consider taking advantage of France’s low set-up and operating costs and support that your company will receive. Competitive production costs and dynamic workforces are further benefits that come with making that move to France with many businesses wanting to establish a base in Europe.

Quality of Life is Attracting American Buyers

If lifestyle isn’t high up on your list of priorities then you’re doing something wrong, the French demand a certain level of quality in their life and this is shown in their fine wine, delicious cuisine and leisure time. As you take a closer look there are many advantages to moving from the USA to France that may surprise you. For example, were you aware that in France legally you only work a 35-hour week and any extra is paid as overtime? Quite a difference from the 40 hours that you are expected to work in the US. In addition to these long days, can you imagine taking 36 vacation days every year? A complete contrast to your vacation time in the US, offering you the possibilities to travel and explore France and its bordering countries all in one weekend, and to take advantage of the euro currency.

Long Past & History

France and America have crossed paths many times throughout history and have always held a great friendship and continue to support each other to this day, however, it’s France’s history, architecture, and culture that attracts the American’s to its shores. Fortified towns, medieval villages and beautiful coastal resorts, history fills the streets in France and remains the top reason for its many visitors. Putting tourism aside for a moment these historic traditions and cultural delights aren’t just preserved in museums they are embraced and lived in every day. Buying a home in France means buying a piece of history, forget condos and think chateaux! From Quercy stone farmhouses to charming charentaise, their names alone conjure up visions of dream homes that aren’t far from the fairy tale image in your head.

Fun Facts between France & the USA

As far as gifts go France once gave an impressive present that cemented their friendship and one that still stands strong today. The Statue of Liberty or La Liberté éclairant le monde as it’s known in France was given to the American people in memory of the United States Declaration of Independence in 1886. In fact, the copper statue was built by Gustave Eiffel whose name might sound a little familiar, he built the famous tower of the same name in Paris. There are several other famous American names that you might not know are of French descent; Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin and even Hillary Clinton all claim to have French roots.

Looking for a Home in France?

If two-hour lunch breaks, freshly baked croissants for breakfast and long family holidays are something that appeals to you then you could be living in the wrong country. You may have made your mind up that you want to move to France but picking your perfect home may be your next challenge. We would be delighted to help you with your search as you explore our fine French properties and learn about moving to France from America.


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