How Moving to France Could Start a New Career

Originally posted on & updated on 10th February, 2024

How moving to France could a lot more than a new lifestyle, it could also be the start of a new career, after all, the word ‘entrepreneur’ originates from rance does it not?

Buy to Let

Back in 2014 we spoke to Maria and Andy Richardson, who were buy-to-let investors, and had purchased two beautiful holiday lets in Brittany.  They told us that part of their business success was due to social media, which had enabled them to reach and engage with clients in a more cost-effective way than ever before.  Buy-to-let is just one of the ways that you could start a new venture or business in France, and you should consider buying an investment property off-plan.

Online Digital Business

The digital age has brought the world much closer together, therefore the traditional brick and mortar business processes and methods have now been surpassed, and many global companies now promote agile working, encouraging their employees to ‘work on the go’.  

Digital businesses give you that freedom to work any place, and anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet, whether you’re selling products or handmade crafts, or selling your skills and experience.  The world of the online entrepreneur is a fast-growing sector, and could open up a whole new exciting world for you to explore. Indeed, we have various clients running their businesses from France using the many online tools available (skype, zoom, etc…), sometimes healthy commissions for affiliate partners like Awin, and returning to the UK once a month for a business meeting while stocking up on those flavoured crips, HP sauce etc …

Established Hospitality

Moving to a new country and starting a new venture from scratch could be a step too far for many, therefore the idea of purchasing an already established business with proven returns could be just what you need. From gîtes to Bed & Breakfasts, horse riding to fishing, there are a wealth of possibilities open to you, we even had a small jet ski business at one point.

At My-French-House we can help you discover suitable businesses for your investment and skillset. We work closely with key professionals throughout France who are on the ground and able to seek out specific opportunities as soon as they arise.  

Homes for Rental

You may be looking to buy your home in France as a holiday rental, which means it could be standing empty for many months of the year.  Have you thought about renting it out to holiday-makers seeking their own piece of Parisian Life? Whether you decide to manage the rentals yourself or work with a holiday company, it is a great way for your property to pay its own way.

Holiday home websites could also offer you an opportunity to reach a wider audience than you believed possible.  With the continuing popularity of AirBnB,  you can even rent out a room rather than your entire home.  This could appeal to those who wish to retain some privacy in their new home in France.

A Career Move Using your Skills

We’ve talked about how you can use your skills to create a digital based business, but what about selling your products and skills in your new community? Tradesmen, professionals, and artists - you all have the opportunity to engage and support your new community.  Although your qualifications and certifications may not be formally recognised in France, finding a need or better still a ‘niche’ within the locality of your home could highlight a venture that you had never thought possible.

Buying a home in France is not just about changing your lifestyle and giving you a completely new way of life, it could also send you on a path to something new and exciting that will reward you in so many ways, you just don’t know about it yet.

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