House Hunters in France - Bespoke Property Finder Service

Originally posted on & updated on 2nd December, 2023

Discover our bespoke ‘à la Carte’ property hunting service for busy families and professionals looking for real estate in fast moving cities across France.

Think of this service as having a private chef, someone who knows you, and what your specific requirements are, and will go out to source the best products at the local market.

Last year we launched Paris à la Carte, a property finding service in the capital city and Ile de France which has proved a huge success. For most buyers looking in or near a big city the decision is typically driven by a particular requirement for a professional with a new job, a businessman, an artist or a student, often looking in a specific district or area.

If you don’t know the town or the buying system, where do you start? Or ask about decoration, furniture, security, management or renting the property.

By designating a dedicated agent to act on your behalf you’re giving yourself the best changes to successfully finding the perfect ‘pied à terre’, with less hassle, while saving huge amounts of your time with the added bonus of being more climate friendly as there’s a lot less travelling.

We’ve partnered with one of France’s leading property hunters to provide this bespoke service allowing to be agile, in full confidence, even if your command of the French language isn’t great.

Wherever you are in the world, you can manage your project, receive alerts, send documents and liaise directly with your Property Hunter through  a mobile app., in real time, 24/7 in English. While your dedicated account manager will act as your eyes and ears on the ground, keeping you constantly up to date thru the app., so you can focus on life.

Our property hunters cover Paris, the Ile de France, and Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Angers, Montpellier, Uzes, Nice, Avignon and more ...

City buying, made easy!

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