City Hunter Estate France Service - CHEFS

City Hunter Estate France Service - CHEFS

my-french-house is proud lo present City Hunter Estate France Service; a tailor-made property finding and sourcing service for busy professionals looking for property and real estate in fast moving cities and markets in France.

We’re starting with Paris à la Carte, a property finding service in the famous capital city and most of the Ile de France. We’re already plan to extend this service to the cities of Lyon and Bordeaux and others to follow next year.

For most buyers looking in or around a large city the decision is typically driven by a particular requirement for a professional with a new job, a businessman, artist or student, often looking in a specific district or even street.

This is why we launched 'à la Carte', a real estate hunting service for busy people who want to move fast, and are keen to save money while staying focused on their goals. You know where you want to be and want to get on with life, while enjoying top class service and local know-how.

Just as it is in most countries around the world, the real estate market in major cities is buoyant, most properties are snapped up before making it to the open market with French estate agents having long waiting lists from buyers and investors alike. It’s no different in France, and especially not for Paris.

By designating a dedicated agent to act on your behalf, you’re giving yourself the best changes to successfully finding the perfect ‘pied a terre’, with a lot less hassle, while saving yourself huge amounts of time, a tidy sum of cash and being more climate friendly as there’s less trips involved.

Please contact us for more information about our City Hunter Estate in France Service, which covers the whole of Paris and the Ile de France from Neuilly to Créteil via La Défense to rue de Rivoli, Montmartre to Montparnasse, and everywhere in between, we've got Paris covered ...

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