Is it Hard to Buy Real Estate in Paris?

Is it Hard to Buy Real Estate in Paris?

The Paris property market is well known to be extremely busy with most properties snapped up before making it to the market.  French estate agents in Paris have long waiting lists from buyers and investors hoping to snap-up that dream Parisian pied-a-terre in world capital of culture and romance.

Most property sell within 24 to 48 hours of coming onto the market, there’s fewer properties in the market, in average 1 property per 10 would be buyers! In price can vary widely, not just from one arrondissement to another, but with in the same district, price per sq.m can range from 9000 euros to 14,000 euros, so it’s important you research thoroughly and pick a winning team.

In real life this means that there’s a high chance that any property you see on our or another website may have been sold by the time you enquire, unless you’ve been looking at the higher end and luxury properties. We’ve previously written about Paris, living there and the property market, here’s a link to view all our Paris related articles on our Blog.

For most overseas buyers looking in or around Paris, less for investors, the decision is driven by a specific need or situation; for example for a professional or businessman looking for place near work, or an artist or student, usually looking in a specific district or even street.

This is why we launched our ‘Paris à La Carte service’, a real estate finding Premium Service for busy professionals who want to move quickly. At my-french-house we believe house hunting in France should be focussed and efficient, particularly in the current conditions and coming from afar.

However, many buyers will find that the french realty listing system is very different, and the agents immobiliers work in a different way than realtors in the US and elsewhere around the globe. It’s likely that you have experienced the frustration of seeing multiple listings, many of them sold, listed at different prices and with various agents, some of which won’t speak much english, so you may never receive a reply, that’s never a good start! 

This is where we come in ... register today and share your plans so we can help make your Parisian adventure or investment come true.