Paris à la Carte - Property & Real Estate Finder Service

Paris à la Carte - Property & Real Estate Finder Service

Paris à la Carte is a brand new property finder service for professionals and investors wanting to purchase property and real estate in the famous capital city and also in the wider surrounding Ile-de-France area.

Why Paris à la Carte? When it comes to buying in the capital local knowledge is absolutely key to help navigate the intricacies of the Parisian property market. This is even more true for Paris which doesn’t have a market-wide portal of properties for sale like in the US and other places. And in some ways, it’s very french, frustrating, one could say a little dated, yet with it’s own inimitable gallic charm.

This is why came up with the Paris à la Carte service, a tailor-made property finding and sourcing service for busy people looking for property and real estate in this fast moving city.

If you can’t get to Paris to search for the ideal apartment or loft for a work colleague or your boss, or as an investment, there’s no need to panic, we are here to help. Thanks to our A La Carte service, Paris comes to you, on a plate … Our ‘on demand’ property finding service is designed for busy professionals or investors looking in buy in Paris and Ile de France.

We offer a complete property finding service for buyers and investors; from the start of your search to completion, and beyond, wether you are experienced or not. Many business people simply don’t have the time to get around the notoriously congested Paris ‘péripherique’ or taxis or metro, especially with the current pandemic and with Brexit coming into effect on January 1st. We’re anticipating an influx of enquiries in the coming weeks and months.

This is why we’ve partnered with one of Paris and France's leading property hunters to provide you with this invaluable service allowing to act quickly, in full confidence and much more efficiently at a time when you need it most, even if you french is fluent. We can also assist if you’re looking to invest in Paris, another one of those crazy places where it can be difficult to get things done if you're trying to do everything yourself. We hear this all the time, but why is it?

The quick answer is because agents are very busy, most don’t speak english and properties sell so quickly, most properties sell within 24 - 48 hours of to coming to market. The value of Parisian real estate keeps increasing (up approx 8% so far this year), there’s a shortage of properties with an average 1 property for 10 buyers at any given time, competition is extremely fierce.

This means there’s a high chance that any property you see online will have sold by the time you enquire, unless you’ve been looking at higher end properties. And if you don’t know Paris well or the system, where do you start? What about finance? Or buying euros? How much is your time worth?

Contact us to learn about Paris à la Carte, tell us about your project so we can assist in your search for your perfect parisian property, we've got Paris covered!

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