Buy A Property in France’s Most Dynamic City

Buy A Property in France’s Most Dynamic City

The French capital is a prime location for buyers looking for a dynamic city that combines the advantages of a modern metropolis with the charm of peaceful villages. And it is also the ideal place to invest for rental, actually Paris offers many advantages for investors.

Paris - The no1 Tourist Destination
Paris attracts tens of millions of tourists every year, making it a prime location for buy-to-let property investment! Whether they are international or French, tourists do not hesitate to stay several days in the capital to discover it’s many areas and places of cultural interest.

The forecast for 2020, before the pandemic hit, was for 100 millions visitors, having been voted no1 tourist destination in the world 89.4 million visitors in 2018

Rental Potential
Well-located tourist rentals are therefore particularly popular! Close to transport and popular tourist sites, our Paris property hunters will guide you to find the ideal location for tourist accommodation in the capital. There’s also many students and professionals looking for rented accommodation close to their place of study or work to avoid the busy public transport or the train daily.

Prices Keep Increasing
Paris property sales are down but prices are still climbing according to a recent report published last month by the Chambre de Notaires de Paris. The price per sqm for old apartments in Paris have increased by 8%, at an average of 10,690 euros mer square meter for the year up to october 2020. The annual increase is expected to be in the 6,6% range.

The Capital of Culture
Culture lovers will not be outdone in Paris, given the cultural facilities available in the City of Light. There is a wide range of entertainment options, thanks in particular to the concert halls and theatres that have sprung up all over the city in recent decades.

Rich Heritage
Paris also benefits from a rich historical heritage reinforced by its various museums, some of which, such as the Louvre, are world-famous for the masterpieces they house. Historic buildings such as Notre-Dame contribute greatly to the charm and tourist appeal of the city, despite it’s current sad state, in the process of being repaired.

A Global Destination
Paris has two airports; the famous Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CdG) and Orly (20 mins south of Paris) provide access to a multitude of countries around the world. Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is ranked first among the airports with the highest passenger traffic rates in Europe.

Fantastic Transport
The city’s public transport network is very well developed, consisting of 6 railway stations, 99 bus lines, 16 underground lines, and 5 RER lines (high-speed train service linking Paris to the suburbs), providing easy access not only for Parisians but also for the many tourists. Paris has all many cycling tracks and zones, and the Maire of Paris is pushing hard with many green initiatives for it’s Parisians.

Excellent Academics
Finally, with its 762 primary schools and 349 secondary schools, Paris works daily to provide quality education for the youngest children and teenagers alike. At the university level, 600,000 students are present in the capital every year, making it a particularly young and dynamic city. Buying in Paris will therefore ensure that you can offer the best education to your children, whatever their age, and allow them to choose from a wide variety of fields for their higher education in the future.

Discover Paris a la Carte
With 20 different arrondissements, your Paris a la Carte hunter can direct you towards a dynamic or, ‘au contraire’, to a residential and quiet district to suit your needs. This help is particularly valuable in targeting the most interesting properties on the market according to your specific criteria and budget.

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