Lush and Dramatic Normandy

Lush and Dramatic Normandy

North of Brittany, sits the lush and dramatic landscape of the Normandy region. From naturally sculpted white rock coastlines, to serene rolling countryside, the region has a range of properties that suit all budgets and requirements.

Sitting in close proximity to the UK, Normandy has played an integral part in French and English history. From the Norman invasion of England in 1066, to the D-Day landings during the Second World War, without Normandy the world may have been a very different place.

These days, for those wishing to move to France, the close proximity to the UK is an important factor, ensuring that you’re never too far away from loved ones in the UK. Normandy also compliments this easy accessibility with beautiful beaches, a peaceful lifestyle, and friendly locals – what more could you dream of.

The region is renowned for some of the most beautiful half-timbered farm buildings, chateaux and also more traditional stone houses. There is an abundance of smallholdings and farmhouses available in the region, ideal for those who love the outdoors, and particularly for those who are equestrian lovers. There are also plenty of properties which are ideal for those seeking a restoration project.

Home to the Bayeux tapestry, history and art lovers flock to the region to appreciate the rich culture and heritage of Normandy’s bygone years. The beauty of the region also helped to established Normandy as the home of the Impressionism art movement. Monet who grew up in Havre is one of the most famous artists from region which is evident in much of his artwork. Many of his painting capture the rugged coast, stunning cliffs and rolling countryside that Normandy is renowned for.

The history of Normandy is also evident in its architecture. Some of the must-see places in the region include Rouen Cathedral, Notre-Dame Sous Terre Chapel and the fortified island of Mont Saint-Michel, which is one of the most iconic sights in France and one of the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Normandy.

The weather in Normandy, is much like that of Britain – with cooler weather than the south of France. However, the regular rainfall and lower temperatures help to keep the countryside lush and the dairy cows happy! This in turn provides the region with the best conditions to offer some of the finest gastronomy including delectable Camembert soft cheese, apple cider and an abundance of seafood dishes.

Normandy continues to be a popular place for people to move to, or to alternatively purchase a second-home to escape to. Unlike the south (link), the price for properties in Normandy are more affordable, note, you can expect to pay more if you focus your search closer to the coast and or nearer to Paris.

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