What's a Relevé d'Identité Bancaire? How to Get a RIB from my Bank?

What's a Relevé d'Identité Bancaire? How to Get a RIB from my Bank?

RIB stands for Relevé d'Identité Bancaire, or in plain English, it's your banking ID details once you've opened an account with a French bank, which you will require when you buy a property in France. It's one of the many listed amongst other specific words and expressions, on our useful terms pages in our online buyers guide.

The RIB is a bank document that is effectively a statement of your banking identity. It details the information of your bank, branch and account, your name, your address and it will include your BIC (bank code) IBAN number as well.

When setting up direct debits or arranging transfers into your account you may be asked for a copy of your RIB. They can be found at the start (or end) of your old fashioned cheque book, and can be useful when first setting up direct debits with utility companies and services, or to share with your new employer if you're starting a new job. You'll probably want to send a copy of your RIB to your currency expert in order to place your deposit in due time, at the best rate, and create an account to settle the balance on completion, one less thing to worry about, at the last minute!

If you are banking online, you can request a RIB to your bank or download it directly from your account or receive it electronically (SMS or email), you should make a few hard copies for later use. We suggest you keep them with your important "paper" documents such as copies of passport or birth/wedding certificates, they may and probably will come in handy.

If you are actively looking for your dream French property and planning visits, take a look at our guide to Banking in France and learn about how to plan your viewing trip.

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