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Originally posted on & updated on 5th June, 2024

Ameli is an online platform for the Assurance Maladie, which is the health insurance system in France. The name Ameli is an acronym for ‘assurance maladie en ligne’ meaning ‘health insurance online’. A new service has been launched on the Ameli platform to make it easier for users to update their account and speed up the application process. With this service, you can easily submit supporting documents in just a few clicks.

What is Ameli in France?

Assurance Maladie aims to provide easy access to healthcare services and systems in France. They have a comprehensive website called, which is accessible from any device with an internet connection. The website allows you to manage all of your French health insurance needs, from checking your reimbursements to updating your personal information.

One of the best features of Ameli is ameliBot, the official chatbot of Assurance Maladie. With ameliBot, you can ask any questions you have about the French health insurance system and get quick answers. The chatbot is always available and provides clear and concise responses.

Ameli is a reliable and user-friendly platform that simplifies the often-complex process of managing healthcare needs. By providing direct payment to healthcare providers, Ameli ensures that you receive the best possible care without worrying about the financial aspect.

How do you Create an Ameli Account?

To create an Ameli account you must be registered with Assurance Maladie or CPAM) and have a permanent Social Security number.  

You can only create your Ameli account with a permanent Social Security number, using the first 13 digits. If your Social Security number starts by 7 (male) or 8 (female) this means that you have a temporary Social Security number.

Staying Up to Date with the Service

It is essential to provide Ameli with a current email address to receive automatic notifications and ensure that it is always up-to-date. In case the email address linked to the account is no longer valid, you can call 36 46 (free + cost of a local call) for assistance from a health insurance adviser who will guide you through the process.

Try the Ameli Santé app.

The Ameli Account application is accessible on all smartphones and tablets and provides useful services free of charge. You can easily log in to your account using your social security number and personal code or through biometric authentication.

By using your Ameli account on the app or online, you can enjoy various benefits such as tracking your payments made to your doctor or pharmacist, or reporting the loss of your Carte Vitale. With the app you can :

  •      order your Carte Vitale
  •      report the loss or theft of a Carte Vitale
  •      change and update your bank or postal details
  •      track your payments 24/7, anywhere and anytime
  •      apply for or renew your complementary health insurance
  •      apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (link)
  •      register the birth of a child

The Ameli app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Attestation de Droits

You will want to check that you can download your ‘Attestation de droits’, an essential document along with your Carte Vitale that confirms your rights. Otherwise you may need to drive to your local CPAM to request one, it’s never easy and is not worth your time if you can help it.

More Healthcare Tips for Expats in France

Ameli is the online service for the Assurance Maladie with whom you need to be registered with before you can open an account. If you’re at planning stages or have just landed in France, you’ll first want to join the French Healthcare System or CPAM and learn how to register with Ameli.

Additional Health Insurance & Top up

It is worth noting that more than 95% of French people have a complementary health insurance called ‘mutuelle’ santé or ‘mutuelle’. This insurance complements the reimbursements provided by the public healthcare system known as Assurance Maladie/CPAM.

The ‘mutuelle’ typically covers 100% of the expenses for most medical conditions, orthodontic treatments, optician appointments, glasses, and taxi journeys. This is particularly important because the public healthcare system does not cover most optic and dental costs. Similarly, for hospital stays, Assurance Maladie only covers up to a certain amount, whereas most top-up schemes cover the remaining costs and the forfait hospitalier.

Personalised Healthcare Quotes

To learn about our various coverage options and pricing, simply fill out our online form. Our ‘mutuelle’ experts in France will provide you with an English-language quote, typically on the same day.

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