French Property Declaration : Tax Deadline Extended - Again

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If you own a property in France, whether it is a main residence or a second home, you are required to complete an extra tax declaration detailing the state of occupancy of your property. This applies even when the property is owned by a company or a trust and regardless of the owner’s tax residency.

Property Tax Deadline Extended

While the initial deadline to file the declaration was 30 June 2023, the French tax authorities again extended the deadline, this time to 10th August 2023. There were a few hiccups at the last deadline, and this provides taxpayers more time to deal with this new obligation. The declaration must be filed online on the government website, here’s the link to the English version.

Penalty for Late Declaration

Late filing will expose French property owners to a penalty of €150 (per property). However, penalties should not be applied before January 2024 and before reminders are sent to property owners. And it’s worth noting that taxpayers are allowed to edit or amend their income tax return up to mid-December 2023.

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