Introducing Xe’s International Money Transfer Service

Originally posted on & updated on 13th July, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Xe, a global leader in currency exchange, to provide you with more options for your money transfers to France.

25 Years Trading Currency

Xe offers a comprehensive range of services and products, including secure, fast, and easy currency transfers through their website or on the phone.

With more than twenty-five years of experience and a proven track record as part of the NASDAQ-certified Euronet Worldwide family, Xe is recognised as a global leader in currency exchange. Their commitment to security and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with our own values, ensuring your money remains safe throughout the entire transfer process.

This collaboration combines our expertise in French property with Xe’s extensive experience in global currency markets, offering you a comprehensive solution for your international transactions and purchases. Whether you’re buying a property, a boat, planning a trip, or managing business expenses, Xe’s secure and reliable services will ensure that your funds are handled with the utmost care.

Flexible Forex Options

Xe’s dedicated UK and Europe client services team specialises in helping customers with property purchases in France and Europe. They offer a range of flexible options to suit your specific requirements:

  • Spot transfers: Buy currency at the live market rate and make a quick payment.
  • Regular payments: Fix the exchange rate for up to 24 months, providing predictability and peace of mind for recurring payments.
  • Market orders: Set your desired exchange rate and automatically transfer funds when the market reaches your target.
  • Forward contracts: Secure today’s exchange rate and schedule your transfer for a future date that suits your plans.

A Global Brand You Can Trust

Xe is trusted by over 1 million users to manage their currency exchange transfers, sending reliable and cost-effective money transfers to over 130 countries in 60 currencies, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The company enjoys an outstanding international reputation and has received excellent customer feedback. More than 80% of their 64,117 reviews have given them a 5-star rating; here are a few examples from happy customers who trusted Xe:

  • “For my monthly exchange of British pensions into euros, XE offers highly competitive rates. Customers can rely on their expertise, speed, and professionalism to fransfer their money and to keep them informed at all stages. Entrusting retirement income to XE feels safe and secure. (AR)
  • XE has been a reliable service for years. The process is quick and easy, and the staff is helpful if needed. I recommend using them. (NE)
  • I use XE to transfer money between France and Canada. The service is reliable and fast, making it highly recommendable. (Paul)

Fast International Transfer Service

Led by the head of customer service Lewis Frostick, Xe’s team of experienced and friendly account managers is committed to helping you navigate the subtilities of sending money abroad. They will guide you through the process from start to finish, providing expert advice and support tailored to your specific needs. Like us, Mr Frostick is excited about this partnership :

“The rest of the team at Xe and I are delighted to have partnered up with My French House and are very excited about the opportunity. Our global network is matched with local market expertise, and my team is particularly adept at understanding the complexities around moving currency in the UK, Europe and beyond. The truth is currency exchange is an integral part of the property purchase journey and we believe in a personal touch to ensure you’re comfortable with the process from start to finish. We have added a bespoke email to provide you with direct access to me and the team.

Xe-perience the Difference

Initiating a money transfer on our website is a quick and easy process that takes only a few minutes. Some transfers even reach their destinations within minutes. You can easily initiate the entire process online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Register and experience the difference.

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