The Charming May Tradition of Muguet Day

Originally posted on & updated on 26th April, 2024

May 1st is a special day in France because it is Labour Day “La Fête du Travail” and the traditional “La Fête du Muguet” or the Lily of the Valley Day. This charming French tradition dates back to the Renaissance and is still widely celebrated today, especially when it falls on a weekday, allowing for extended weekends for French workers.

A Sprig for Good Luck

On this day, it is customary to offer a sprig of lily of the valley, also known as “un brin de muguet,” to loved ones as a symbol of good luck, happiness, and the arrival of spring. With their sweet fragrance, the delicate white flowers are believed to bring joy and prosperity to those who receive them.

A King Started the Tradition

La Fête du Muguet is deeply rooted in French culture and history. It is said that King Charles IX started the tradition in 1561 when he offered lily of the valley to the ladies of the court as a gesture of goodwill. Since then, the tradition has continued to flourish, and on May 1st, you will find street vendors and florists selling bunches of muguet all across France.

In addition to offering muguet to loved ones, many people also use this day to celebrate nature’s beauty and spend time outdoors. Picnics (pique-niques), walks in the park, and other outdoor activities are popular ways to enjoy the day.

Experience Muguet Magic

If you want to experience the magic of La Fête du Muguet in France, our website features many beautiful properties that would make the perfect backdrop for this special day. Imagine waking up in a charming cottage surrounded by blooming gardens or enjoying a picnic on the grounds of a stunning French chateau.

La Fête du Muguet is a beloved French tradition that brings joy and happiness to many. Whether you’re offering a sprig of muguet to a loved one or simply taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature, this day is a refreshing reminder of the simple pleasures in life. We hope you have a lovely La Fête du Muguet, wherever you may be, and good luck!

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