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Most buyers begin searching online and can become overwhelmed by the volume of properties available and the lack of response from some agents. Save time and money,  you need an effective PLAN OF  ACTION.

LOCATION, location, location. Location is the most important factor for anyone to consider when buying a property. Your own perfect location will depend on your reason for buying and your priorities.

WHERE? France offers plenty of diversity, from the mountain landscapes of the Alps to the yacht lined coasts of the riviera on the Cote d'Azur, the urban chic of cities of Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nice to the escapism of its peaceful rural landscapes. Do as much research as you can about what each area has to offer before narrowing down your options.

Starting your search

WHY? Second home hunters usually buy within reasonable reach of ferry ports or airports for ease of access. Those relocating for a new life in France will need to consider how close their new home is to shops, schools, work and services. If you intend to use the property for rental income you should look to buy in one of the more popular areas.

BETTER WEATHER - The sun shines in the south of France almost continually between March and October and the country generally enjoys a milder climate than the UK and other european countries.

IMPROVED LIFESTYLE - One of France’s biggest attractions is its gentle pace of life. Many buyers actively seek out rural properties while those looking to work or with children may want a property in easy reach of towns and transport links.


Tip no 4

Be clear about your budget – deciding how much you can afford is as important as knowing where to buy.

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