Buying Property in France - our Tips

Our Top Tips for Buying Property in France

Our Top Tips for Buying Property in France

1 - Decide which area of France you would like to live in. France is a large country so research the different areas to help you decide which region is the one for you. Your choice may be motivated by many criteria such as accessibility, tourist or sporting activities, business opportunities, history and culture. It is a good idea to pop over for a few days to get a feel for the area you have chosen.

2 – Be ready to secure your French home before you set off on your viewing or buying trip. Check what options you have to finance your purchase and if you are not a “cash” buyer, investigate the various mortgages and rates on offer. Consider obtaining an agreement “in principle” or quote from French Banks and specialist mortgage companies. The last thing you want is to see your dream property being snapped up by someone else after all the time and money you have invested. If buying cash, you should investigate currency exchange & transfer services from our currency partners, they're very experienced having in around over 15 years.

3 - Don’t leave it too late! Property prices in most French regions are still cheap compared to the UK and other EU countries. However, with approx. 35,000 properties bought by Brits every year and an estimated 2,3 million to retire abroad over the next 10 years, we expect more people will want to buy, pushing up property prices. France is very popular with the Brits but be aware that the Parisians, the Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians, Swiss and even Italians have been buying up property for some time. Browse for many quality properties for sale in France with full details in English.

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