40,000 Castles in France

Originally posted on & updated on 10th February, 2024

With over 40,000 chateaux to be found all over France, it’s no surprise that wherever you go, you are sure to see or visit a chateau. But have you ever considered staying in one?

These amazing buildings are literally fit for a king. They used to be the homes of Kings and courtiers in ancient times and were initially influenced by a growing interest in Italian Renaissance architecture. However, this was just a starting point with the French eager to stamp their mark on these elegant and graceful structures.

Most people head to the Loire Valley and Palace of Versailles, if they want to see a selection of these amazing structures and therefore these are some of the most famous places to visit in France. But there are plenty of castles in other areas that are equally as awe inspiring and available to stay in.

Make sure you check in advance the rules of the castle before you book. Many of these chateaux are in popular demand and will require reservations well in advance. And that includes a deposit, and thanks to the medieval nature of the castles, some do not accept credit cards and in a few cases, young children! Make sure you also check if there are amenities such as TV’s etc if you do require these facilities. But don’t be put off by this, what these castles lack in modern day technology, they more than make up for in sheer ambiance.

Another great place to learn more about the Medieval Castle Life is Dordogne, a magnificent area that has had a rich and turbulent history and the castles are a constant reminder of these times. A stay in one of these ancient castles will make you feel like royalty. And don’t assume that these noble holidays will come with a high price tag. You can often find good prices on castle stays and these prices are even better if there is a group of you going!

The ancient castles of France are today museums, hotels and wine producers. You will enjoy visiting each of them for whatever reasons you choose, So, take your pick! The architectural style of France’s castles is diverse as is the history that accompanies them.

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