Chateau Lifestyle - imagine the king of your own French Castle ...

French Chateau Lifestyle - Being the King of Your own Castle in France

Dreaming of swapping the rat race to live like French nobility but concerned about the financial implications? Well don’t be, because for little more than the price of an upmarket UK semi, you could quite easily get your hands on a piece of history and prove that an Englishman’s home, really is his chateau!

Initially built as fortified homes for the noble and elite, often in areas of outstanding natural beauty, many chateaux are now in need of considerate new owners seeking a unique way of life. But an investment on such a grand scale should not be taken lightly, rather accompanied by thorough research including location which will have a huge impact on the price of your investment.

The Nouvelle Aquitaine offers perhaps some of the best chateaus while somewhat unsurprisingly, anybody looking to purchase along the Cote d’Azur will discover their budget does not offer the same possibilities.

And our notes of caution are not limited to your budget. As the dreams of becoming a chateau owner become increasingly popular, expect fierce competition for your dream property from not only fellow Britons, but also those residing on the European mainland along with those from further afield, including a growing number of Americans.

For those with the time, and more importantly capital, there exist many chateau on offer providing a long-term restoration project. Many are little more than ruins although others remain available in slightly better condition but nevertheless will still demand a serious reconstruction budget.

As a means of assisting with the repayments on your atmospheric and charming investment, many chateaux provide the opportunity to part convert them into five-star bed and breakfast accommodation, restaurants, wedding venues or a base for outdoor pursuits including all things equestrian, fishing, cycling - or why not consider a golf driving range?

With prices ranging from as little as 500,000 Euros right up to the grandest residence currently priced at over 2m, there really is something to suit every budget for those in pursuit of their French dream home.

Please remember the golden rule of research, research, research, not only your desired location but more importantly, exactly how much of your budget you are prepared to set aside for any planned renovations or improvements.

Never allow yourself to be blinded by romance, you will encounter the odd stress filled moment and will also be hit with an unexpected expense at some stage, it’s inevitable, but almost never terminal.

Weigh up the differences between a property requiring a great deal of work and capital and one which would enable you to move in without too many alterations bar a fresh coat of paint. It is also worth remembering not all investment properties are worth the stress and long-term financial drain they will inevitably demand.

Allowing to assist in your search for that perfect French chateau would be an advisable step on one of the greatest and most rewarding journeys of your life. We have over 25 years experience within the French property market and are available to assist you every step of the way with our guarantee of trust, care and courtesy.