French Lifestyle Strengthens its Hold on British Expats

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Research suggests that expats living in France are the most satisfied with their experience and are increasingly likely to make their move permanent.

A slower pace and improved quality of life mean British residents who have turned their back on the UK for a new start in France are more likely to stay abroad than those who have moved to other countries.

Continuing economic gloom and low interest rates for investors in Britain mean more people than ever are uprooting and taking advantage of France’s climate, food, rural lifestyle and affordable property prices.

Figures now suggest that almost 80% of expats have no plans to return to the UK at all and improved lifestyle is one of the key reasons cited by those now living in France.

The last two years has seen a dramatic rise in the number of UK expats deciding to move abroad permanently and many of those already there are now choosing to extend their stay.

More than a quarter say the state of the British economy was the key factor in their decision to leave the UK.

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