Is Social Media the Key to Success in your French Buy-to-Let Empire?

Is Social Media the Key to Success in your French Buy-to-Let Empire?

France is still one of the most popular overseas destinations for buy to let investors. But in this new social world how much does ‘being social’ play in the success of your buy-to-let business?

Maria and Andy Richardson own two beautiful holiday lets in Brittany. We asked Maria for a top tip or secret to their success. Instead of an organisational or operational reply that we were expecting we were stunned when Maria replied, “It has to be – use social media!” Maria continues “I originally thought that  Twitter was for Twits and Facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends. I since have discovered that this is simply not the case. Nowadays, most of our bookings come via Twitter.”

Around 200,000 Brits own houses and flats in France, many of which are use as rentals in some capacity, whether its long-term, year round holiday lets, or letting around their personal use. help hundreds of people find their dream buy-to-let property throughout France every year. Patrick Joseph from confirms that ‘growing social’ is a growing trend, “We keep in-touch with many of the people who buy their property through us. Our buy-to-let clients are conscious about the broadband speed available when looking at property as, as they inform us, we need to be able to engage with prospective clients online through not just our website but also socially.”

Maria Richardson states her success is down to getting personal! “I think my success with Twitter is the personal interaction between myself and potential guests. I tweet about our holiday cottages and also about our local area, in particular things that I think that are distinct to Finistere, our Department in France.” warns, that although this is a free form of advertising it doesn’t come cheap. Managing engaging Twitter and  Facebook accounts with regular content is extremely time-consuming. It can eat away at that valuable time you want to be concentrating on other areas of your business.

Although there are no statistics or data on the whether social media is the key to success in a business in France, believe that success is down to the person behind the social engagement and Maria Richardson agrees, you have to, “be yourself, open and honest”.