France's Secret, from Toulouse to the Pyrénées

Originally posted on & updated on 25th January, 2024

There’s so much that the Haute-Garonne has to offer we’re not sure where to start. We could tell you about its contrasted landscapes, its historical heritage or its lively atmosphere, this remarkable place has everything to charm you and your family during every visit. Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend break or family holiday you may want to prepare yourself as the Haute-Garonne is known to captivate its visitors so that they never want to leave. This might explain why some of its area’s manage to be kept as hidden treasures.

With campsites and B&B’s scattered throughout the vast region purchasing your own home in this area would not only mean that you will always be amongst company, you can also invite friends, family or paying guests to also experience what the area has to offer.

Toulouse La Ville Rose

At the heart of this temptress is Toulouse, known as ‘La Ville Rose’ (the Pink City) due to the dusty pink bricks used in many of its buildings. Although Toulouse is France’s fourth biggest city it’s actually surprisingly quiet compared to the better-known cities such as Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon, meaning you are spared from the streets being overrun by tourists. The city could quite possibly be France’s best kept secret so enjoy this gem with the other explorers who venture in from the surrounding busy towns.

While the sun is out enjoy a stroll along the pretty banks of the Garonne River before entering the historic centre where the cafés and shops are full of life, explaining why the city is renowned for its atmosphere and good living. Lovers of art and history will know Toulouse for its architectural and artistic heritage which has been exquisitely protected as the centuries have passed by.

Stand and stare in awe at its abundance of mansions from the Renaissance period, these prestigious homes were built in the 16th century and are reminiscent of the city’s rich pastel trade. It’s down to you to choose from visiting Toulouse’s famous religious structures, architectural landmarks and museums. The infectious laid back vibe will persuade you to stay and absorb everything that the city has to offer, an afternoon of shopping may turn into and evening of drinks at the Place St Pierre before you return home to plan your next trip in to Toulouse.

Majestic Pyrénées

You will notice that many regions of France encompass diverse landscapes from relaxing on the coast to hiking in the mountains and the Pyrénées are just as special to visit, if not more. Physically beautiful and culturally varied the wonderfully wild and unspoiled backdrops are crying out to be explored. Owning a home in this area means that you are able to enjoy the hiking trails and waterfalls during the summer and ski slopes in the winter, reaching peaks of 3,000 metres.

The Pyrénées often live in the shadows of the Alps but this unexplored and unspoilt region could be the background setting of your new French home. You could spend eternity exploring this area and although much of the Pyrenees remains unpopulated by tourists, it is blessed with an eclectic mix of fascinating culture and succulent cuisine. It’s not all relaxing lunches and strolls through the hills, we all need to be exhilarated now and again and its lesser-known peaks are where you should head for.

The people of the Pyrénées are recognisable by their southern accent and have a reputation for being passionate and chatty. If you are considering a holiday home here you will be pleasantly surprised to know that spring comes early here, followed by exceedingly hot summers and late autumns.

At My-French-House we have many properties for sale scattered throughout the former Midi-Pyrénées area, which include renovated barns, charming castles and country houses. We also have a fabulous selection of unusual and character properties close to Toulouse.

As you venture into the Haute Garonne or further afield you can make use of the regions excellent transport links which include the metro, the TGV trains and local airports. Have you been charmed by Occitanie, France’s largest region yet?


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