What's a Kbis/extrait de K-bis? How Do I Get One?

What is a Kbis or K-bis? How Do I Get One?

The K-bis extract represents a true and up to date "identity card" for a french business registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

This Kbis document can be defined as the updated civil status of companies registered at the RCS, it includes the full details that the business is required to declare and record, and any remarks made by the registrar.

Since the objective of the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) is to make the information contained in its register publicly available, anyone can request and obtain the Kbis extract for a business from the appropriate local RCS office.

The Kbis extract certifies the legal existence of the business providing verified and authentic information. The Kbis is the only official document that proves the identity and address of the legal entity or natural person registered, its business, its management, administrative, financial or control bodies, as well as the existence or not of insolvency proceedings against it. In most cases, to be valid, the Kbis extract must be less than 3 months old.

A supplier, lender or organisation could request a extrait K-bis to check that your business is sound and trading before agreeing a letter of credit, contract or loan. Otherwise, you should use your SIRET / SIREN information which contains your business registration number and details. For more information on how to get a Kbis, you can either ask the local court, or visit the infogreffe website dedicated to assisting businesses trading and operating in France.

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