Move Over 2021 It’s Champagne Time

Move Over 2021 It’s Champagne Time

Move over 2021 and good riddance! It’s been another challenging one but again this year seems to have flown by quickly, probably due to the fact we’ve been so incredibly busy on all fronts, all year.

The very last vine leaf has fallen, pruning’s next, the days are officially growing longer and we get a little snow for Christmas day. Its time for a new cycle to begin but what’s in store for 2022?

As most business owners and families do, we take some time out to reflect on months and years gone by, with the aim to plan ahead as best as we can under the current circumstances.

This year has been another excellent year for French agents and for MFH as the market is buoyant, reaching record highs including for luxury homes, chateaux and estates. As far as we can see, 2021 is looking to break all previous sales records according to French media and property experts.

There’s been a shortage of new instructions in recent months as the domestic market has been very strong since spring 2020 after the first lockdown. It’s easy to see why property prices are steadily increasing, especially in rural areas in easy reach to large cities such as Normandy, Occitanie, Var, the Loire Valley and the Dordogne in the huge Nouvelle Aquitaine, just to name the most popular ones.

It’s almost impossible to predict what’s going to happen in 2022 being a year when France is going to elect their new head of state and so much uncertainty everywhere you look.

The interest in living in France and French property remains very high including for British buyers despite Brexit. We expect the UK sterling / euro currency to improve as the BoE will probably increase the interest rates again over the next few months to help combat the spiralling inflation, thus making property prices more attractive for UK buyers.

Once the Omicron situation and travel rules are clearer, we expect to hear from many buyers wanting to secure their French home in time for summer and September for those moving with children of school age, most of you know you have to be sharp and ready.

We’re secretly hoping there will be an influx of new properties in the first quarter and if this materialises, there’s no doubt that they will sell very quickly, you need to be prepared.

Make the most of this time to plan, it’s never been more important, especially as French lending criteria are tighter than ever, mortgages are very difficult to obtain.

Here at MFH-HQ, we are continuing to improve the website, you may have noticed a few subtle changes, lovely contributions from Beth who says “joyeux Noel”, as well the improved the overall speed, “give it a spin”. This was reflected at the 2021-2022 European Property Awards where we received the award for Best Real Estate Agency Website for France.

We’re extremely proud to once again receive this accolade and see our efforts rewarded. This could be the perfect time to visit the wine cellar and open that expensive bottle of champagne a client sent us recently, or “pourquoi pas” a bottle of our own wine!

What ever you do, have fun, stay safe and have a Great Christmas!

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