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Top-Class Currency Service

Here at MFH we believe in team work, efficiency and transparency. We didn't setup in business to charge for ad space, extra client fees or collect data to pass on to 3rd parties, we enjoy keeping our clients happy. We fully appreciate we are in business thanks to them, and to our valued partners, our ethics have never changed.

When I met Jean-Luc at a summer barbecue in the village of Fareins (near Lyon) in 2003, I didn’t realise we’d be working with the same insurance partners twenty years later! It’s a similar tale with our longstanding currency partnership with the people at Foremost, who provide top class service and competitive rates for our clients from almost anywhere.
Buying or selling property is about timing, and securing currency is an important part of that process. Read our partner Jack Wiles comments about how we work together to  provide our international clients with top service and the best outcome.

"My name is Jack Wiles from Foremost Currency Group and I manage the company’s key partnerships. We have been working in partnership with My-French-House for the best part of two decades, which in fact is almost as long as Foremost Currency has existed.

In this time, we have helped hundreds of Patrick’s clients achieve far better rates of exchange than high street banks, whilst  making the process of overseas transfers much swifter and more efficient.

There are a range of different people Foremost can help. We help clients with smaller transfers such as living costs, long-term rental or mortgage payments as well as those with larger payments for property deposits & balances. We also help a variety of businesses with invoice payments, salaries, and day to day FX risk management.

You don’t need to have an account in a foreign country to use our services, as we can send funds to 3rd party accounts if there is proof of why funds are needed. People that use as are from all over the globe, and we trade over 40 different currencies. We are also fully authorised by FCA in the UK and the Bank of Spain in the EU as an E-money issuer.

In recent times, we have seen a huge increase in interest from across the pond, with US clients purchasing their dream homes in France. While the USDEUR rate has retracted from the record highs we saw in 2022 it’s still an excellent time for American buyers.

A US client of Patrick’s, who he referred over to us last year, was looking at buying somewhere in France. He knew he wanted to buy but hadn’t been able to find the time to get out to France for a serious look. He knew the exchange rate was fantastic at the time and wanted to take advantage of what might be the best deal he would ever get.

Despite not having found a property, the client decided to buy his Euros and hold them on account with us until he had found his dream home in France. Due to our licensing, funds can be held for as long as needed and in this case our client is still waiting to find that dream home. In doing so, he ensured that his property budget would remain separate from any currency fluctuations, and ensured that he had achieved a fantastic deal for his budget.

In my opinion, the reason why the partnership between Patrick and I has worked so well, for so long, is due to our shared view that top-class customer service, and holding ourselves to the highest standards, is the most important thing any of us can do.

If you need to find your dream home in France, Patrick is the man to do it and we hope we can assist in getting the money overseas to make that purchase."

Jack Wiles – Foremost Currency

Like us, many clients have entrusted Jack and the team at FCG, some have set up regular monthly payments years ago and never looked back. If you too won't settle for nothing less that Top-Class Service for your currency needs, then talk to Jack or one of his colleagues.
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