The Alpine Enigma of the Dahu

Originally posted on & updated on 7th April, 2024

With the holiday season approaching, parents and families are on the lookout for new stories to entertain their kids and guests during their travels, stays, or long winter evenings. Once upon a time, there lived a legendary and mythical animal on a large mountain not so far away…

Ever Heard Stories about the Dahu Goat?

Deep within the rugged peaks of the Alps, Jura and Pyrénées mountains (and other alpine areas like Switzerland or Italy) live a legendary creature that has fascinated locals, children, farmers and travellers for centuries - the Dahu. This mysterious animal, portrayed as a small mountain goat with legs of different lengths, has become an iconic representation of regional culture and a subject of endless wonder.

Have you ever heard of such a creature? We certainly have; it’s a fantastic topic of conversation on a cold winter evening by the fireplace or around a summer campfire with friends. If you haven’t, this is how the story unfolds …

The Origins of the Dahu Legend

The precise origins of the Dahu legend are unknown, but it is believed to stem from ancient traditions and superstitions of the locals. Early settlers may have attributed the occasional discovery of goat carcasses or unusual tracks to a mischievous or elusive creature, which overtime, evolved into the legend of the Dahu (sometimes spelled Dahut).

The Peculiar Anatomy of the Dahu

One of the defining characteristics of the Dahu is its asymmetrical legs, with legs on one side noticeably longer than the other. This unusual anatomy is attributed to the creature’s ability to navigate the steep slopes of its mountain habitat.

This unique feature helps the Dahu to stand and walk on steep mountain slopes. However, it means that the Dahu can only walk around the mountain in one direction… As a result, there are two types of Dahu: the laevogyrous Dahu, which has shorter legs on its left side and walks around the mountain counterclockwise, and the dextrogyre Dahu, which has shorter legs on its right side and walks clockwise around the mountain.

A Role in Folktales and Storytelling

The Dahu has become a prominent figure in local folklore and storytelling, often serving as a source of amusement. Tales of Dahu encounters and sightings abound, ranging from mischievous pranks to close encounters. These stories are often passed down through generations, keeping the Dahu’s presence in the collective imagination. These tales are still alive in the digital age with their existence well documented on Wikipedia.

For example, there are stories of people tricking friends into believing that it is possible to catch a Dahu with just two people, one person with a bag and another that imitates the Dahu sounds. The person with the bag stands down on the slope while the other stands behind the Dahu. The person making the sounds surprises the animal from behind, causing it to turn around and lose its balance, rolling down the slope into the bag. The key to success is to approach quietly from behind to catch the animal by surprise.

Alleged Sightings and Sceptics

In France and Switzerland, recreational “Dahu hunts” are sometimes organised as outdoor activities. There have been occasional reports of alleged Dahu sightings over the years. In 2015, a group of hikers in the Jura claimed to have spotted a Dahu while on a trek. Their description of the animal matched the traditional depiction – a small, goat-like creature with short brown fur and long, pointed ears. However, the hikers’ story was met with scepticism, with many attributing it to misidentification, wishful thinking, or a mix of both theories.

The Dahu’s Enduring Appeal

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the Dahu remains a beloved part of regional folklore. Its unique appearance and playful nature have captured the imaginations of people of all ages, inspiring writers and filmmakers alike. The Dahu serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Alps, the Jura and the Pyrénées mountains.

A Symbol of Regional Identity

The Dahu, once a fictional creature, has now become a symbol of local identity and cultural heritage. It is displayed on souvenirs, artwork, and local festivals, serving as a reminder of the Alp’s traditions and folklore. The presence of the Dahu ongoing interest is a testament to the power of storytelling and imagination.

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