Burgundy, More than Wine

Originally posted on & updated on 8th March, 2024

When we talk about the Burgundy area of France what words come to mind? Wine, cuisine, scenery? Delve a little further into the heart of Burgundy and you will find so much more that might just convert you from being a tourist in to a resident!

Burgundy may be the land of wine but it is also blessed with numerous lakes, rivers and canals that meander their way through France attracting anglers, ramblers, cyclists and boating enthusiasts. If you fancy a more relaxed afternoon whilst on the shores of Burgundy you can always stop off at one of the lockkeepers’ houses that have now been turned into Guinguettes or lively bistros.

Yes, we have already made our way back to wine and cuisine but discovering Burgundy wouldn’t be complete without partaking in sampling these famous treasures. While we are on the subject we can’t ignore that Burgundy is one of France’s main wine producing areas. The reputation and quality of the top wines, together with the fact that they are often produced in small quantities, has led to high demand and high prices, with some Burgundies ranking among the most expensive wines in the world. Pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay and discover all that Burgundy has to offer.

Are you yet to discover Morvan in the heart of Burgundy? A place where you can explore or relax in backdrops steeped in history, mystery and legend. Just a couple of hours drive from Paris and Lyon the wild and well-preserved natural environment allows you to lose yourself in the various landscapes and activities available. Home to the regions highest peaks and largest lakes it has been said that the Scandinavian allure makes visitors feel like they are a million miles away. The sunshine brings the calm countryside to life as it gently unfolds before you taking you deeper into the valley surrounded by streams and waterfalls, a place where you could quietly wander for hours. This picturesque park could be your new neighbour as we show you a special property available in La Bourgogne verte, green Burgundy.

The cities within Burgundy all add to its character and of course give you endless places to explore depending on whether you would like a day filled with art, history or the well-loved past-time of shopping!

The renowned city of Dijon is soaked in history with previous residents Philip the Bold and John the Fearless who once ruled the land. Now thankfully Dijon is much more relaxed with an eclectic mixture of wine tours, shops and the not to be missed Owls Trail which is named after the stone owl at the Notre-Dame church. Look for the tiny owl on the facade of the church and don’t forget to stroke it for good luck and to ensure you will return!

Another favourite city is Macon which to look at has a distinctly Mediterranean feel and looks to the south for inspiration with buildings painted in burnt sienna, buttermilk and rose. But above all, Mâcon is famous for its wine and the annual wine fair held each April, be sure to time your visits so that you can join in the festivities!

And that’s not all; your new home could just be the perfect location with the Jura Mountains, the Alps and Lyon all less than two hours away. Take a short walk to the nearest town for all of your amenities or catch the train the Dijon for the day or evening out at some of their famous restaurants.

Burgundy has everything you need for a weekend retreat or as your new home. Taste and tour the region through their famous wines, meats, cheese and chocolates!

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