Finding Your Perfect Property in France

Finding Your Perfect Property in France

What is perfection? The concept of perfection varies from person to person. Is there such a thing as a flawless diamond or the perfect car, even when you buy it brand new? Au contraire, isn’t it the addition of those imperfections that make that property, guitar, diamond or person so special?

Picture Perfect
I sometimes ask clients to imagine that ‘perfect postcard picture’ in their mind; may it be a typical cottage with blue shutters and a pool, a stone property with views, a French chateau with plenty of history, a lock up and leave village home or perhaps an investment property in the heart of Paris.

Draw it, sketch it, paint it, take a screen shot and if you’ve seen your dream French house on our website, it’s even easier, just save it in your favorites.

Do Your Home Work
Then it’s a good idea that you compare it your current lifestyle and to be realistic. There is always going be some compromising to be done along the process, so make sure you list your top 3 ‘must have’ and also the definite no-nos ….

Remember to prioritise and to put your expectations in perspective. For instance compare to what you already have; the neighbours, the shops, the weather and don’t forget to think about location, this is vital, France is bigger than you think.

Another consideration is to think about how much land you need, and for what use? One hectare = over 2 acres, that’s plentiful for most people even with a horse. Need more land? Then it may be a good idea to think about negotiating part of the gardening and maintenance tools.

It’s wonderful to have a farm property with lots of grounds and privacy, but the land needs to be looked after and if you don’t live there permanently it can become a bit of a burden. And you will most likely require to drive to the village for all basic amenities or a cup of café.

Location Is Key
We receive enquiries from all over the world for all property types and budgets. Many of our clients already know France and have a fair idea about a region they think they would like to live in. At the same time, others seem to struggle to get a grasp of regional differences, property prices, climate variations, access and other such considerations. And we know how easy it is to get carried away browsing all our fabulous property listings on a cold evening by the fireplace.

Going on a house hunting trip in France has to be taken seriously and sadly sometimes people take the ‘let’s go for a day out at Ikea’ approach, hoping to find some inspiration one the way, this is wrong.

Are You Sure?
Ultimately it’s down to how motivated you are to make the move and the reasons for this lifestyle change or investment. And with the reality of the UK leaving the EU, it’s more important than ever to consider all aspects and ask yourself those hard questions, especially the financial side, including currency transfers, mortgages, taxes, legal fees, etc ...

Getting the Timing Right
Once you’re ready to proceed with all the rights cards in hand then we believe the property will present itself to you, as if by magic, in a similar way you eventually find that special partner, and special stone for them … simply because you are now ready and the timing is right. It’s easy!

For the Lucky Ones
If you are the ultimate perfectionist or one of the lucky lottery winners looking for very high end quality, we may be able to help you find that special luxury lifestyle home in France.

Let's Get Started
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