Good Karma, No Fuss

Good Karma, No Fuss

This article is different, it's not about property, tips or anything of the kind, this one is about Karma. We never talk (even less boast) about some of the things we do here at MFH to help make a small difference to people who need it most.

There's no doubt there's been a plenty of bad news for some time and now with this horrible war in Ukraine, things have just got a lot lot worse sadly.

So when we received this "thank you" note from our friends at Circus Starr, we thought of making a nice little graphic and give back a little extra boost on our popular blog and add a few organisations we like, but of course we must start with the most urgent one right now.

DEC Ukraine Appeal

Intense fighting in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of civilians; 7 million have been displaced inside the country while 4 million people have fled since the conflict started. This is why the DEC appeal needs everyones support if you haven't had the opportunity to donate yet, here's the link.

There's Charlie Cawsey who's crowdfunding to raise £50,000 to fund logistics to get medical supplies urgently to Ukraine, it was one of the early ones. (twitter)

Some of you may prefer giving to different organisations at home or abroad, the good news is there are many to choose from, for example;  Médecins Sans Frontières, La Croix Rouge, Red Nose Day, Unicef, etc. You can easily find those on Google, or just get involved with a local charity or food bank. So many people are in need of help right now, everywhere. And finally ...

The Circus with a Purpose

We've been supporting Circus Starr for over 10 years. We started when the kids were small, not just for the fun but also to raise awareness and help children with disabilities, people facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition and families in difficult times. What a brilliant initiative!

It's hard to imagine what some of those children would have gone through since the beginning of Covid, and it seems there's been very little coverage, so this article and link is part of our modest contribution.

Voila, that's us, no fuss, just happy to contribute when we can, spare a moment for a thought and share with you, en toute simplicité. And don't forget the animals and the environment please, indeed, it's a lot to think about... PEACE.

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