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If you live permanently in France, sooner or later it's likely you will be required to complete a French tax return for your income, a property you sold or if you have personal wealth and assets.

French tax rules often change and it's the responsibility of each individual to file their own tax return in due time. As with all tax matters it is not difficult to make a mistake or simply forget.

It is also worth noting that all non-EU citizens including Britons will need to appoint a tax representative (representant fiscal) for the sale of their property in France unless the sale value is less than 150,000 euros.

Therefore it is advisable to seek regular advice if you are unsure about any changes which may have been made to the French tax system.

Our UK based French tax and law experts specialise in French/UK private client issues, including taxation, wealth tax, succession, real estate, trust, probate, etc. They have  extensive knowledge of French tax and law can also assist with UK litigation and corporate matters.

Our French tax experts can assist you with many aspects of buying or living in France. To discuss your tax requirements, contact us for more details.